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took time to roll away from the 75baud satalite telee-type [can you believe i am talking to the coast guard cutter "mellon" on there? no shit, it's a real name, lookit up] and saw yr comment.

your page is intimidating. like, throw a noose round the old oak tree it's time to give up cuz pherret is gawd.
i'm flattered by my portrait, img_0196, thank you for the recognition.
i've always been partial towards sketchbooks since [hopefully] the artiste doesn't feel presure to do anything spectacular and comes out with honesty and pure creativity.

now for me to think of a tattoo for comission for you to draw for me. or maybe i'll just let you figure that out.

moving out of marin county next month, where people drive slower than narcoleptic hippies in forrestville and i counter by driving with my brights on all the time, to santa rosa, where people just drive like idiots, so hope to see you round more often.

Posted by peteX6 at November 11, 2002 04:29 PM

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