Error 80090016 or 80090030 TPM Keyset errors:

1. Log off affected user
2. Log on as different user
3. Run CMD with elevated/admin perms
4. Rename these folders:


5. Log back on as affected user
6. Open an Office 365 app
7. Walk through MFA/device login and device registration
8. You'll get an error, but the app will load and everything will work moving forward.

crit?: 15


Unable to access target repository Error: Key not valid for use in specified state.


1. Disable Backup Copy Job
2. Open VBR Console and navigate to Home => Backups => Cloud
3. Select the backup chain in the right window and hold down the Ctrl key + Right Click
4. Keep the Ctrl Key pressed and select "Remove From Configuration" (If this option is greyed out, make sure the Ctrl key is being held down the entire time during these two steps.)
5. Select "Yes" to remove from Configuration
6. Select "Yes" for the "...requested by your service provider or Veeam Support"
7. Let the job complete

Then rescan my cloud repository:
1. Navigate Veeam => Backup Infrastructure => Backup Repositories => Right Click Repository Object and re-scan

Then edit the backup copy job, and remap to the job you just removed.
1. Re-map the chain you've deleted with the job (use "Map backup" button)

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Long abandoned obviously. I've migrated this to a new host and changed the gallery system. Maybe my kids will find it some day. Kids if you're reading this, I love you.

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Follow the Zabbix install instructions here

The Zabbix agent probably won't work and complain about missing libraries.

To fix, open a shell session on FreeNAS and create two symlinks:

1. ln -s /lib/ /lib/

2. ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/

Then you should be able to start the Zabbix Agent

If you create an NFS share after joining FreeNAS to a domain, you'll have a root_squash mapping problem and be unable to chmod files from the NFS client. To fix, set mapped user to 'root', mapped group to 'domain admins' instead of 'wheel'

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To export all events from 'The Events Calendar' wordpress calendar plugin, add this to functions.php:

add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'full_ical_export' );
function full_ical_export( WP_Query $query ) {
if ( ! isset( $_GET['ical'] ) || ! isset( $_GET['full-export'] ) ) return;
if ( ! isset( $query->tribe_is_event_query ) || ! $query->tribe_is_event_query ) return;
$query->set( 'eventDisplay', 'custom' );
$query->set( 'start_date', '1000-01-01' );
$query->set( 'end_date', '3000-01-01' );
$query->set( 'posts_per_page', '-1' );

Then visit this URL in a browser to spit out a fully populated .ics file:

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Using vTiger, if you change the port Apache uses for SSL from 443 to a non-standard port such as 999, it will error out with 'Illegal Request' based on an incorrect referrer.

To modify the validation vTiger uses, edit line 209 of includes/http/Request.php to add a check for SERVER_PORT.

protected function validateReferer() {
$user= vglobal('current_user');
// Referer check if present
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) && $user) {//Check for user post authentication.
global $site_URL;
if ((stripos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $site_URL) !== 0) && ($this->get('module') != 'Install')) {
throw new Exception('Illegal request');
return true;

protected function validateReferer() {
$user= vglobal('current_user');
// Referer check if present - add port check
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && isset($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']) && $user) {//Check for user post authentication.
global $site_URL;
if ((stripos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $site_URL) !== 0) && (stripos($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'], '999') !==0) && ($this->get('module') != 'Install')) {
throw new Exception('Illegal request');
return true;

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If you're going to upgrade your existing ZFS pool drives from 512/512e sector size (ashift=9) to newer AF/4k drives (ashift=12) you'd be better off creating a new pool with ashift=12 and using zfs send recv to populate the new pool with your data.

If you are researching prior to creating any pool, force ashift=12 during pool creation, even if you're using 512/e drives by using zpool create -o ashift=12 yourtank /dev/drive1 /dev/drive2 ...etc This will 'future-proof' your ZFS pool.

You may receive a similar error in FreeNAS:
"nas [middleware.exceptions:38] [MiddlewareError: Disk replacement failed: "cannot replace (driveID) with gptid/(gptID): devices have different sector alignment, "

To check your current ashift value, use:
zdb -C | grep ashift

ashift: 9 = 2^9 = 512bytes (bad)
ashift: 12 = 2^12 = 4096bytes (good)

If you absolutely can't do that, these two sysctls allow you to use 4k drives as if they're 512/e. There is a significant performance hit if you do this.

Set these sysctls via ssh or using the Sysctl UI underneath 'System' in the FreeNAS web interface.

Then you should be able to offline/replace/resilver a 4k drive into your 512/e pool. Personally my throughput greatly increased despite ashift=9, but I moved my ZFS pool from 6x2TB 5400RPM to 6x2TB 7200RPM. Again, the right way to do this is to use ashift=12 with 4k drives.

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