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January 28, 2003


washer was fixed when i got home last night. was drawing night cooked dinner for shawn and i. w00t cooking. my site was downthis morning, 503. seems ive had too many hits. id already hit my monthly bwidth quota of 1.5GB/transferred. i was on day 18 of a 28 day rotation. so i worked out a deal with my friend who runs the server to buy more bwidth. if you have hosting needs or a shitty hosting provider i recommend dan's services with high regards. nyip has served me well since this site's inception and the prices are right. so site is back up, ive scaled down thumbnail sizes by 1/4 and im hosting the webcam offsite (or i will be) this month has been my best traffic yet, but the site continues to grow in popularity so i may have to either start doing lame ass banners or merchandise (like i talked abotu before, dm.com shirts 'n such) right now its not so bad that i mind paying it. but if i have to buy continually more and more bwidth some kinda profit is gonna have to get turned here or there.

i would buy a t-shirt

Posted by: Mr.Eel on January 28, 2003 08:06 PM

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