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March 14, 2003

john wayne crucifix

friday, worked, 2hr meeting with pres. turns out our accounting prgram has a form which will save us a $22k-33k rollout. after work steph and shawn and silvaniecame over and we then went to see jasper's band, JOHN WAYNE CRUCIFIX. it was too loud and peopley, we left. i started illustrating funkathrusta's story, here's the illu. yeha, hope to have that done by sunday.

john wayne crucifix doesnt have a website, if youa re looking for them. they play with the rum diary at times. the rum diary can be found here and they will be on a comp put out by substandard called "Translation. Music. 3." the cd relase for that is oct 4th 2003 @ the tenderloft i doubt you'll find me there.

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