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May 08, 2003


work, spent 5hrs on tryin gto get an exim filter to work (to add an email disclaimer to all outbound email based upon a dns match) went to a gallery openeing that a couple of friends were in @ ssu. pretty meh. there were a couple of surprises but it wasnt a great show overall. had some good talks with former classmates/peers. came home and worked on mp3 player. picked up an external usb cage. so i have a p2 300 laptop with 60 gb attached, an infrared controller all hooked into big stereo and sitting atop ent. center. its pretty bad ass. or at least i think it is . i couldnt find a $2 adapter in my bag of tricks that i /know/ i had when i moved. ill have to pick that up tomorrow to finish the connections.

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