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September 21, 2003

nice day

woke up early with ms steph. stayed up and started working on chores and errands and whatnot. landlord is going to paint my house woo! couldnt get ahold of deer tags today but tomorrow. got some new boxers. i should say got gouged. jcpenney super lame brand was $17 for a pack of 3 bleh. so finished workign and stuff around noon and couldnt find anythign to do and it was 90f or so so i napped and played video games. it was pretty relaxing after the past go-go week. rip galileo.

Since when did you start wearing boxers?

Posted by: Yo on September 23, 2003 03:06 AM

a couple of years ago? i dont wear as dressy a pant to work anymore so i can wear boxers. boxers dont work with dressy slacks

Posted by: pthree on September 23, 2003 08:04 AM

two words:


Posted by: ShaD on September 23, 2003 08:33 AM

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