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December 23, 2003

flowers! and im still a dude who isnt in vegas!

work, did a bunch of boring crap to avoid doing even more boringer crap. went to lunch, hs bought as i had fixed their compy. got back and a guy was delivering flowers. this always draws out the ladies. hs and i walked back in at the same time and they're pointing at us so i point @ hs. but no. the big bouquet of flowers in a vase was for me. noone has ever given me flowers before. also, i blushed like mad. esp since then the ladies got to wondering what i had done to get flowers etc. oh, and then they started offering advice as to what i could do to stay in good graces. embarassingamundo, but sweet :)

shawn and sil, here is ern's retort ;)
(From the movie "say anything"):
Diane Cort (Ione Skye): Nobody thinks this will work.
Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack): You've just described every great success story.

take that!
left work @ 4, came home, li was there! woo li! couldnt talk though as we had to get out the freakin' door that very freakin' moment.
drove ern to oakland airport. she was freakin' out cause she thought she was going to miss her freakin' flight. we got there with a couple of minutes to spare. i left once she got past the gate, but had to come back to get a little teensy tiny pair of girl-scissors. (freakin')

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