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April 18, 2004


off day, rainy. went to meet shawn and silvaniefor coffee. they didnt show by noon so we went home. ern worked on her paper more and i fucked around. shawn and silvaniecame over and we went down to SSU to see the bfa show before it closes. after that we toured the ol' studio/shop. went to best buy to pick up a game but i didnt care about it $50 worth so i didnt get it. home, straightened, did chores. talked ern into a walk so we walked the movies back to v. droid and picked up some more. took 2 hrs but it was a nice walk. watched kill bill till far too late. bed. this weather's got me down. oh, also, i did my weekly "i need to draw more" thing. i hate these weekly things.

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