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August 10, 2004


If there ever was a mascot to the MDI|SSU drawing social club, it would have to be the rabbit. Between influences and coincedences, the rabbit/bunny has followed us around and represented several different timelines and possibilities. Rising from the ashes like Will, ebbing and fading like Kurt or suddenly disappearing like ben. The bunny has always been central to imagery and close to people that we were close to.

Last night i went over to say my goodbye forevers to Shawn and Sil. They are leaving for Georgia on a jet-plane tonight at midnight for Shawn to begin his graduate degree at University of Georgia: Athens.
As Shawn and I were hanging out and getting closer to goodbye time, Julian appeared with a mummified rabbit on a lid. It didnt hit me till later that he had a lot of years of drawing, comradarie and friendship on that lid. I guess it means the age of the rabbit is dead. Last night the drawing in coffee shops, drawing on billboards and drawing night died. We've made plans to continue drawing, via 22x30" sheets of intercontinental paper and internet, but I hope this doesn't go the way of Tyler to Texas. I'll miss you Shawny-boy. Good luck in Georgia.

Hey Shawn and Sil! Good luck in Georgia. Drop me an email shad257@sonic.net.

Posted by: ShaD on August 10, 2004 01:57 PM

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