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September 13, 2004


since last.
1. airline agreed to refund all of the money
2. i got a haircut
3. read two books, innocent erendira and other short stories by gabriel garcia marquez and blankets by craig thompson.
4. did an after work side fixing job every day this week which let me get
5. a new jacket.
6. picked up kingdom hearts and tony hawk underground for ps2
7. went to martina's opening/fashion show/art thing which was fresh. i think i'm to be showing there in november.
8. work finally picked up and i've been super-can't-catch-my-breath busy. which i don't mind because it was pretty slow there for a while.
9. i have drawn a little, but not much.
10. been dealing with ireland plans and stuff related to that mostly.
11. dinner with parents and sister for early birthday, since i'll be in ireland when that happens.
12. watched ladykillers and the new resident evil movie.

Get your body on the floor, gonna gonna get up and get down, gonna gonna get up and get down.

Craig Thompson going to be in Anacortes this weekend, signing Blankets, so ... I win.

How was Ladykillers?

Where's my tattoo, woman?!


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