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October 24, 2004

woo! woke up @ 3am to take ern to her marathon starting line. ern's aunt got food poisoning from the indian food the night before so others were up too. ian went with us to the start line cause he lives in the city and knows it better. we dropped her off then i drove my car through the finish line. unscripted we both raised our arms in a v and went "yay" in a meh-ish manner. it was pretty funny for 4am. picked up pedialyte then went back to their house. went back to sleep @ 5 till 9 then we went to watch ern cross the finish. she did good! 26.2 miles in 5.5hrs. her knees and feet are wrecked now. bruises everywhere and her middle toes on both feet are black. lunch @ mel's then we went to ikea for A NEW DUVET COVER, which means i never have to look at new duvet covers or talk about new duvet covers for at least a year. thank bishnu for that. home> watched lost boys then bed. we were both exhausted. me, from being in the city like a trooper all weekend, and ern for that 26miles thing she did. yay me!

kidding of course
ern ended up raising $2500 for the leukemia and lymphoma society and she was a finisher in the nike 26.2 in san francisco. tuxedoed men from tiffany's handed out little baggies with a necklace for finishers and a nice nike shirt with a sf/vector art look to it. i had a pretty good finish line vantage point and it was a little bit emo when some of the people crossed over. they'd been running or walking or whatever for nigh 30miles and some of them were honest-to-gosh crying. it kinda drove home how important the fundraising thing is. ern said the fundraising tally was @ $10 million for this year.

Way to go, that rules.

Posted by: Li on October 26, 2004 01:07 PM

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