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October 30, 2004

halloween eve

woke up early, ern is all done with the marathon stuff so we got a saturday together. did some errands and grocery shopping then i went over to daryl's and worked on his computer. he gave me his new cd, "saint rose parish" which i will formally write about once i have a chance to formally listen to it. ern had an appointment with the hotel la rose to check out having the reception/ceremony there. i came home and took a nap, then we got our shit ready for the halloween party. good pics, i'll upload when im not so lazy. party was nice. lots of ppl and good costumes. i drank a good amount but didnt get buzzed, which was odd. when we were leaving, a big college party across the street had 3 cop cars parked out front and just a whole mess of people. one guy fell right on his drunk ass in front of us so we helped him into his embarrassed girlffriend's car.

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