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November 04, 2004

i took pics of my studio, if you're curious. i hadn't taken any since we moved here. i also uploaded some cadaver pics from when i went a drawin' with ern, they are here
JESSE WEISS, do you have a phone number yet? drawing night this coming monday? beth hibbard, an artgirl that i artknew in artquest arthighschool would like to join in on the drawing games and it'd be neat if you could be there. it'd be neat if i had a way to get hold of you other than this too. i guess i could send you a jehly-gram, whereby i call jehly and have him punch you in the arm. if i don't hear from you tomorrow i'm sending a jehly-gram.
installed exim4 4.34 and clamav .80 @ work today

Those are some nice cadaver pics.

Posted by: Calvin on November 6, 2004 07:06 AM

that's it!
no more updates until you and other art boy draw me my tattoo!!
I am being helld hostage here being forced to go about my internet ways as if nothing is wrong and what do you do? you doodle? I will not be released until I am tattooooooooed, dude*.





*j/k lolozlozlzolzozlozlzolzozzzzzzzz


p.s. I miss not talking to you online, only gazing at your screen name via AIM. dreaming of the days of lolz and omgz and l33t.

Posted by: finkathrusta on November 6, 2004 01:32 PM

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