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December 18, 2004

day of ne'er ending errands. we did a total house cleanup (spiderwebs, vacuuming... the works) 'cause my mom and grandma were set to come over later. then we went out and did a ton of errands. one of these errands was picking up 2 pairs of energy xl-150's for my stereo. (merry xmas to me). then home and mom and grandma came over. i gave gma the tour and ern filled mom in on the madrona manor. ern went for a tour with her aunt on friday and liked it. i think it's where we'll be doing the wedding. apparently the madrona walkthrough had been scheduled for weeks, but i guess i just paid attention on thurs. the brochures look nice and i'll be going to see it next week. after they left, i tricked ern into finishing the alterations of this nice button up shirt i inherited and then i went to an art show @ moxie. it wasnt too long before i got weirded out and left, but we watched spiderman 2 to test out 1/2 the new speakers ( i pick up the other pair next week). they sound amazing.

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Posted by: silvanie on December 20, 2004 10:46 AM

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