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January 02, 2005

got up, met parents, drove up to the madrona manor, went through numbers again, viewed the site. wrote a deposit check. the place will be the madrona manor, the day will be the first of october 2005. gotta do invites now. watched more movies. (we watched so many movies lately i cant remember half of them) the movies tonight were part of anchorman, which was horrible and embarrasingly unfunny, and open water, which was not a shiny happy thing. been playing prince of persia like whoa. 40% done with it. it's a very good game. we took down our tree and made christmas dissapear entirely. my good ol' recliner got to come back in the living room. which means we can now hear 1/4 mroe of my new speakers. that open water movie features Dolby Digital DTS 6.1 - ES audio track, which is one more channel than my dts processing receiver can. upgrade time? do i need a rear center channel?

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