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January 04, 2005

well, i'm messin' round. that's for sure.we went to whole foods last night to get salads 'n sorbet. vincente ferretti was manning the produce bins. though he's taller, has short hair, facial hair and lost a lot of weight i still recognized him. we caught up briefly and it was pretty cool. apparently ern worked with him for a year or so, but knew him as vinnie. which is what he went by mostly but isn't his name. anna, a girl that bought a drawing or two @ the moxie show is vinnie's boss and recognized his name from the title. small world eh?
i soldered a new pow-pow-power button onto kendra's phone for her. it's uggo-riffic. she came over to hang out and pick it up and stuff, then celeste brought over baby charlotte to hang out with ern as well. ern cooked dinner for hte girls and i hung out a bit and listened to her baby. the baby growls and makes this mischievous face. cute as all get out. ern took some pics, i'll see if i can snaffle a few from her. went over to silvanie's mom's beau's place to say good bye and draw. we ended up talking and stuff. they fed me too. called it an early night and came home for sleep.

Good color for the background. Nice green.

Posted by: calvin on January 4, 2005 06:48 PM

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