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January 15, 2005

today is day 1 of sausage making in ferndale. 350lbs of meat, 50/50 beef/pork are cut into small strips. the fat and silver is removed from teh beef and the glands and bones are removed from the pork. in the old days, it used to be a week long process, as they'd butcher the animals to start with, instead of buying the meat already quartered uptown @ the meat market. After the meat is cut into strips the .5hp meat grider is assembled and one person feeds pork, one feeds beef into the hopper. two others then scoop the hamburg away from the landing area and into piles. after all the meat is ground and the grinder removed, the hamburg is spread out on an inclined plank so the blood can run out and downhill. after we did that it was quits for the day (around 4pm) so i took ern uptown to look at all the stores/ferndale. she was way into it and wants to move there (which would rock) but the problem is always finding work.

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