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January 22, 2005

woke up early. ern took off to the city for wedding shopping with her cuz solvay. i got a call to go fixit on a computer so i got some coffee and headed out. i stopped by the apple store to pick up a ipod shuffle and check out the mini too. while in the mall i picked up a perfume that ern likes. driving out to the fixit house, i saw a knife on the side of the road so i got off the freeway and looped back. it was a long weird knife, see here. fixed the computer and left. they called several minutes later. the virus i had gotten rid of had come back. 'twas a weird one. even though norton was coming back clean, it was seeding out whenever IE connected to the internet, though it wasnt network aware enough to realize it always had a connection. i added some hosts based blocking so that it couldnt retrieve it's payload and disabled IE in favor of firefox (which this user had been warned to use in the first place) and left it until i can get rid of it for goodsies. ern came home and we hung around till bed.

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