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January 25, 2005

so today at work ern calls me to tell me she's reserved SPY CAPTAIN VISITS TOMORROWLAND from the movie store. this follows last night's spontaneous fetching of pie because i wanted pie. I asked her to marry me again, and she said yes again...

Last night i did dishes and cooked dinner at the same time. we had asparagus artichoke ravioli with roasted garlic marinara flavored with wine. after dinner i had a hankering for pie so i said "boy pie would be nice right now" and ern says "i will do this thing you ask of me within two weeks" and i say "oh i meant going to the store and buying pie" and ern gathers her keys and wallet. i shit you not, i was just messing around and yearning for pie and she went and got one! after i figured out that she wasnt kidding, i put in flavor requests and she went and picked up a really good strawberry rhubarb (my 2nd fave after huckleberry) pie from whole foods (3 states away). by the time she got home pete beth and kendra were there so we all enjoyed some awesome pie with vanilla ice cream. she's the best, that lil' monchi of mine.

the movie was good, btw.

it wasnt asparagus hunnie it was artichoke . . . .

Posted by: ern on January 26, 2005 01:15 PM

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