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August 04, 2005

[11:34] metalkpirate1day: dfa1979 is pretty ok
[11:34] ph3rr3tise: a rousing review
[11:34] metalkpirate1day: it's like blood brothers decided to go a little more scene
[11:34] ph3rr3tise: it's like blood brothers laid off the coke
[11:35] ph3rr3tise: dfa is two guys
[11:35] ph3rr3tise: blood brothers is like 17 arent they?
[11:35] metalkpirate1day: started drinking pinot noir
[11:36] ph3rr3tise: heh
[11:36] ph3rr3tise: maybe you know, settled down a bit
[11:36] ph3rr3tise: got a nice job and a girlfriend whynot?
[11:36] ph3rr3tise: when are you going to take over your father's shop? you never call.
[11:37] metalkpirate1day: some grandchildren would be nice
[11:37] metalkpirate1day: if it wouldn't kill you
[11:37] ph3rr3tise: dfa1979 = you never call your mother blood brothers, why dont you get a haircut, you look like that rolling stone boy.
[11:37] ph3rr3tise: are you hungry you look skinny let me fix you a gnosh
[11:37] ph3rr3tise: its no problem, sit sit we'll talk. oh you have to go so soon? oh i thought we'd play canasta
[11:38] ph3rr3tise: DFA1979: It's like blood brothers started listening to their ma

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