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September 09, 2005

strippers strippers everywhere, lets all have a drink

friday, got into vegas @ 3pm, checked into hotel @ airport, shuttled to bally's hotel. gambled each of us, once. got into room, set things down, checked out the view. down to the floor, baccarat immediately. free drinks soon after (vodka redbull all weekend). started walking (theme of weekend) check out the strip. went to venetian, checked out living statue. met up with ian eventually, then dave and mike an hour later. walked around looking for restaurant. poo-poo'd the first 'cause it looked to expensive. ended up @ a steak place, twice the price. had a great meal, veal medallions, lobster bisque, double of jameson. decided to walk to the hard rock casino, located in sunny canada. eventually made it there. v. young crowd, gambled and made my original walking cash for the day ($90) back in minutes. stopped. headed across the street to a strip joint, $30 cover, fuck that. limo drivers kept yelling at us to pick us up, so we talked to one. he got us into jaguars strip club for $20 cover each + $50 worth of free drinks + $free limo ride there.

strippers. i hadnt ever been to a stripclub. i highly highly recommend them if you like girls. had 4 dances in the VIP upstairs with "sasha/sara" sweet girl, we talked alot between the lapdances. after the vip, went fucking nuts picking out girls. i was drinking water since the hard rock, so i was stone sober. too much to write about, just remember: girls. caught another free limo back to the hotel where the driver, "bart" filled us in on how the limo thing works:

approach any limo driver @ night. ask them to take you to a strip club. ask them to get your cover waived (no cover) and eventually settle on $20 or whatever. get free ride + any kickbacks possible. the limo drivers get a kickback of $70 per person, so they can haggle with the door crew @ the strip club. it works out all around. the guys spend hundreds on lapdances, the limo drivers make $350 off our party of five, we get reduced or no cover, kickbacks and free limo rides.

we left the strip club @ 3:30 or 4a, then went back to bally's. somehow we had picked up a girl named lisa from the strip club, who had just turned 21 and driven to vegas from san bernadino, ca. her friends didnt want to come out so she was all alone. she also liked her some girlies, so she was broke. bought her drinks and shot the shit for a while, then decided to walk her back to circus circus. stupidest idea ever. bally's to circus circus is the equivalent distance of walking to hawaii. i have many blisters on my feet now. taxi'd back (should have just poured her into a taxi in the first place) got back into hotel room @ 6:30. went to sleep @7am. up for 24hrs woo!

Hot stuff in vegas. Iller than the Illiad, all that // Mazel tov, boychick

Posted by: josh on September 12, 2005 05:38 PM

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