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March 21, 2007


working on the right side strip stereoscopically with the left. Every night i overlay the two to see how they're adding up. First pic is the finished left with the in-progress right overlay, second pic is right side alone. I'm trying to draw them so they stand alone, work together when overlaid, and are a start and a finish to themselves (cat head/torso on left, cat hind end on right).

it would be amazing if these were printed on clear sheets of uh, plastic. You know what I'm talking about. P3 special edition prints!
think about it, amazing.

Posted by: funka on March 24, 2007 12:11 AM

Yeah drk and ern were brainstorming the other day and came up with that, mounted over a lightbox. I've been looking into building it but the transparency paper I have is 8.5x11. I need to get some bigger stuffz. The idea was they would be mounted several inches away from one another so that you could look from the side and see the individual layers.

Posted by: eric bostrom on March 24, 2007 03:48 PM

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