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December 31, 2002
vacay = over.

cleaned today, got out of tahoe 1hr before sundown. made it through the pass alright. got kinda white knuckley in a few places but we made it back to vacaville alright. went out to dinner. hooked up the dvd player i got stephs parents. watched the dangerous life of alter boys... s'alright i guess. steph's friends from NY never called so we ended up staying home.

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December 30, 2002
snowing hard

stomring really hard today, lots of snow falling. we were going to go over to brent and melissa's cabin and build a sled run but i dont want to go and get stuck. steph made a snow mana nd i sledded around. here are pics. hopefully we can get out of here after it stops storming tomorrow. im running out of things to shoot with the bb gun.

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December 29, 2002

very sore. i have large bruises. it started snowing yest'day, heavily around 4p. about 8inches fell through the night. brent and i went in the hottub while it was snowing. drank beers and relaxed. my hair froze but the hottub was @ 98degrees. skipped out on skiing today, even though it was perfect conditions. took pics of the truck, it was buried. just kickin around today, brent and melissa are going to move over to their cabin tonight. steph and i are prolly going to come home on the 31st if we can make it out before the big storm hits. even though i'd been snowboarding beofre, it was pretty much like this.

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December 28, 2002
im sore.

spent today falling down the mountain. paaid $60~ for the privelage. by the time i was "done" i was pretty sore but had the hang of it more or less. im using melissa's snowboard. it'ss powder blue with butterflies and hearts. that's the kind of bad ass mutha fucka i am. ill try to get some pics soon i jsut dont want to be taking my camera out in the elements. snowboarded till noon, then hung out in the lodge while stepha nd brent went and did a couple trails. then we all skiied back down to the parking lot level. brent went back up and snowboarded for another hour or so and we putzed about in the truck. im very sore right now. i slid through a pole and took it out with my legs. bruised there, bruised on my ass, my arms. fell and got the wind knocked out of me. might go out again tomorrow, might sleep in too. thats all for now folks.

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December 27, 2002
heh, fun n the snow.

i havent been taking pictures. i should really start. it was rainyh/windy so we couldnt go skiing today. ended up tromping through the woods about the cabin and making a sled run. that was fun several spots i sunk in the snow up to my hips while walking. after that we went into kings beach for lunch @ steamers (awesome pizza) then onto incline villiage to calneava (to gamble) i won $6.25 off of $5 of quarters. after that we drove to reno and split with the girls (steph and melissa(brent's wife) brent and i cgambled @ circus circus. i was doing really well on the quarter slots, but then i stopped doing well. i was up $17 or so, then i blew it. so now im down $27 :/ once that happened i said fuck this and just wandrered around the gaming floor. i watched brent play some games, he plays the weird ones (carribean poker, spanish 21) and craps. got offfered drinks a lot. the girls missed the meet time by 1hr, not cause they are flakes of course. melissa couldnt read her watch. came home and started a fire and shot the bb gun out the window. brent and i played air hockey with penalty drinks. the high winds started blowing smoke back into the house. brent and i got sick off of that. i was way out of it. we all had to move downstairs to avoid the smoke. we played trivial pursuit. yay. i had a weird, voivid hallucination when i went to bed to crash from the smoke. steph said i tlake din my sleep and was yelling and grabbing her. ski tomorrow.

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December 26, 2002

drove up to tahoe today for snowboarding pre-work vacay extravaganza. had to leave early in order to beat the big storm that was supposed to come through. it didnt. got to the cabin and the driveway was under 3 ft of snow, the propane tank was off and the water was off. maintenance man came and plowed the driveway. brent and i had started in with a wuss 7lb snowblower. he got the drive pliowed in 10mins or so. themn came to figure out hte tank. it had been allowed to run empty, so there was air caught in the lines and the house had frozen. so he flipped the main and showed me how to get the furnace working. there were actually 2 valves that needed to be thrown but i figured that out later. got the hot water heater turned on after the water was turned on. they hadnt drained the lines so there was a broken pipe in the kitchen. the hot water. so we do dishes by filling a container in the bathroom.

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December 25, 2002

amuse yourself with wuss emo game

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December 24, 2002
merry easter

pigfuckers. looky here do "1"

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December 23, 2002
fuck mondays.

got some piece of metal stuck in my tire as i was abotu to pull in the driveway at work. then my laptop screen started fucking up. a call to dell and reseating my vid cable fixed laptop, got my tire fixed on my lunch. guh. pretty quiet on the road and in the office, everyone else int eh world seems to have taken today off. still good to go on the snowboarding for 5 days thing. does anyone remember the japanese internment camps? and how the us had to pay reparations? get ready to be taxed again in 50yrs. oh, also be a small bit outraged. but not too much, cause then you'd be a liberal.

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December 22, 2002

enjoyed a nice sunday with steph, went out for more shopping for her. we each bought toys for the toys for tots thing. she took care of the little kids and i took care of the big kids. legos/duplo blocks all the way around. legos rock. i had a secutiry id in my pocket form my FRS radio thingys from bestbuy. so i kept setting off the alarms whenever we went into stores. the ppl @ sam goody were convinced that it was either my earrings or my belt buckle (both large and metal). neensy came home. steph was gonna make a pecan pie, but the new garbage disposal broke so the kitchen is off limits.

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December 21, 2002
guh shopping.

got hte last of my shopping done today. spent too much. got snowboard pants and frs/gmrs radios for when we go skiiing after xmas. was fidgety and punchy all day. some lady touched me and i overheated. i think its cause im not drinking enough water. we had a nice dinner and are enjoying a quiet neensy is coming home tomorrow.

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December 20, 2002
early xmas.

stepha and i did our xmas tonight. the real xmas she'll be in SCruz so... i got her a mini sony laptop, the pcg-505ts. its tiny and it pwnz. work was boring, worked on rote lil projects. cant be all fun and whiz bangery every day though. oh. yeah. nearly forgot. as of today i are a college graduate. yay me! ba in studio art, emphasis painting. completely blase about it.

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December 19, 2002
last crit last class.

schooooooooollllsss ouuuuttttt forever ever ever. last crit today. really windmill. the class agreed that i should do the things that i started ssu doing. that is, we have come full circle now. oh well cela vie eh? monday night drawing studio starts up next monday. got stepht he PERFECT xmas gift yest'day. went out for a forever goodbye drink with nick and nat and trevor and shawn. drank 4 free, trev and nick bought. very anticlimatic. left mark and kurt on a good note. picked up a frame for the show im in @ the smova. shawn's skateboard put a weird fuckup on it so ill have to take it back tomorry. so school is over and i have learned things. some of the stuff mark and kurt tried to teach me ill prolly pick up later on in life. a lot of what mark tried to teach me years ago was just sinking in this semester. i think a lot of people were surprised that i was leaving. you get close with the community that you are in daily and its weird when someone leaves it. im goign to try hard to not goto school unless i need to. i dont want to be one of those post graduate hangers-on. made some good friends had a good coupla years. some highs some lows and thats the end of that chapter. here's a drawing chris and i worked on. gonna miss that little booger. him and the rest of the print clique.

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December 18, 2002
been a long time

december 13 - 18
sorry for the lack of updates. the storm took out my servers, been doing finals etc. got home last night tired. got called up and invited to a sculpture coven party. so that was important. the image maker and the object makers in the same room. bleh.

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December 12, 2002
last crit

had my last upper division crit today. went out with a whimper in the dark. not a very strong image, ill scan it later. printed my entire portfolio, goodly in a short amount of time and it looks nice. drew some more. ill take a piccy of the finished exquisite soon. did i mention i got my lavish xmas bonus? i did. brag brag mcbraggington. steph turns 25 today. i love her even if she smells like old lady

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December 11, 2002

went to school and scanned the images i printed last ngiht for the crit tomorrow. came out with crap, see? #1 #2

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December 10, 2002
more of the same.

bunch of images for you to look at. hand worked proof of didactic plate. monday's "note's" this isone of the model's ive been using for the latest plate. the latest plate and finally, last but not least we have the latest state of the exquisite corpse ive been working on.

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December 09, 2002
rainy day

work, jobsite. printer dead. leah take fix. school, class, drawing, plate, print, home.

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December 08, 2002
day of stuff

worked on plate. so far it is 3 models in many diff poses
im trying to fudge it all to look correct as one girl one pose. my brain isnt in to creating some disfigured figure now, just doing a lame-ass thing in a space that could exist type thing. parents took steph and i to dinner to celebrate new job. it was good i had lobster.

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December 07, 2002
xmas shopping

party was cool last night, thoguht it would be fancier, with a more somber band. they played jazz upbeat stuff most of the time, hard to dance to. pics here. well, mostly pics of steph...

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December 06, 2002

this new job has many mor perks than i thought it would. officially accepted today. tonight is hte company xmas party, im picking up my suit in a minute.

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December 05, 2002
bleh. senioritis.

stressed all day about whether i got the job or not. got a call around 6p or so, i got it! :)

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December 04, 2002
tattoos and album covers

ok, so far that is 3 album artwork requests and 2 tattoos im supposed to be drawing. i guess i should start a page where people can put in special commision requests. like a p3 vending machine. will whore for money, please deposit here. and no dad, this has nothing to do with you.

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December 03, 2002
mmmm ass.

my thing went good today, stayed up till wassit 1:30/2am printing it portfolio stuff. colored this today looks nice. worked on big drawing of feety things.

transferring power over the air, wirless poewr transformation, recharging small devices wirelessly.
tesla coils, thermodynamics.
if the power received via airwaves is greater than that used to charge receiver storage can occur, could this storage be used for another low power device? multiple clusters of receivers? single wall bump that transmits radio power when signaled, that is, either manually the wall bump is told to go into a power transmitting mode, or the devices can signal that they are within range and ready to charge. both host and client would be smart, allowing them to regulate themselves in regards to capacity, rate of charge, output and status. (rate of charge too inefficient to maintain or justify wasted cycles on host)“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another”
1st rule:

* Energy is conserved.
* The amount of energy in the universe is constant.
* Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
* There is no free lunch.
* It is impossible to build a machine that produces more energy than it uses (This type of machine is called a perpetual motion machine of the first kind.)

2nd rule:

* With each energy conversion from one form to another, some of the energy becomes unavailable for further use.
* Heat cannot flow from a cold object to a hot object on its own.
* It is impossible to convert heat energy into work with 100 percent efficiency.
* You cannot break even.
* It is impossible to build a machine that produces as much energy as it uses. (This type of machine is called a perpetual motion machine of the second kind.)
* The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum. (Rudolf Clausius, 1865)
ENTROPY solar power, radiation. security tags use thigns that vibrate when they are touched by a certain frequency. vibrations are the transfer of energy, could these in turn activate some sort of generator?
i dont want to create energy from nowhere, simply: a host that has continual energy transferring a small portion of this energy to a device within its range of eficiency. end result would be a uniform appliance, that charges all small devices in range, regardless of make or model or power consumption. the regulation and siphoning of energy form the host would be controlled by the devices themselves.

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December 02, 2002
knock on wood

started talking with work today about fulltimey positions. nothign is official yet but its looking up :) now the ulcer can piss off. think im gonna move to petaluma for awhile. oh heres a drawing for you, im gonna scan it tomorrow so itll look a lot better. and a pic form that party i was talkin about.

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December 01, 2002

drove home, finsihed up on slides, went over and saw chris, watched a bandit movie with bruce willis. had a wicked bad headache most of the day, then i watched MIB2 which wasnt so great. it was ok i dunno. meh.

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