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February 28, 2003
i, publisherbot

part of my employee review was to take marketing initiative. wrote two articles today, sent one up to healdsburg tribune for publishing, let's see if it makes it. i like content creation. the company website will look better for it too. after work went drinking with coworkers, then to jasper's show then to 3rd street for more drinks then home around midnight. learned that at halloween i was slapping a coworker's ass a lot. and it wasnt leah, all you fuckwits. i know thats what youre thinking. it was a 50 yr old lady. god i was embarrased. drew tonight while @ 3rd street.

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February 27, 2003

lovin' pocketartist2.5 first ps0t blah, thursday.

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February 26, 2003

apparently corporate wide there was a wage-freeze. noone else got raises. well except me and the 3 mgmt types that got promotions. :0 poor leah. she was expecting a raise to help her out now that she's down to part time and going to school.

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February 25, 2003
stephing's teep!

steph came over after work, we had mexican. had my employee review today. i did really excellent and outstanding and my boss loves having me work fulltime etc. felt good. i had this melancholy i-could-be-doing-more-but-i-don't-know-what feeling lately. praise rocks. i got my raise back at the beginning of january so no raise accompanied praise.

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February 24, 2003

wore my new slacks. i need to lose some weight. went into sr last night and talked with shawn. he and silvaniehave broken up apparently. sara broke up with greg, ranc0r broke up with laura. man. its them quits time o' the year. i cleaned n' such tonight.

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February 23, 2003

kayray and irq left this morn. i had a headache since yesterday so i slept for four hours and took pills and such. my linksys 802.11g wrt54g wpc54g setup is being such a bitch. grr.

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February 22, 2003

went to fly dan's rc heli, it flew and did upside down tricks and stuff then it broke. he had just bought and built it and stuff. then little leaguers showed up and that was all she wrote. kayray made dinner it was good we all ate a pint of various sorbet's and ice creams. then played more wwp.

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February 21, 2003

ditched leah for lunch, had lunch with irqkayray. they got to see how cool the house is in the light (they got in @ midnight last night) we drove to vacaville and had dinner with steph, originally she was gonna come over here. then we were goign to split the difference and meet up in napa but we ended up in vtown. traffic was suck goign there, awesome coming back. WWP + IRC FROM P3COUCH

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February 20, 2003
irq and kayray

IRQ AND KAYRAY ARE HERE TODAY. they are driving up. im cleaning and stuff. got a sub tomight, JBL PB10 the bass scares me. it sounds like smoeone is beating on my house with something big.

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February 19, 2003


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February 18, 2003
i drew

stopped by school today, picked up some prints. saw the usual gang. i drew tonight

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February 17, 2003

1.33 miles from my house

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February 16, 2003
new phrase.

im coining a new prhase right now. APATHY BREEDS ENTROPY. that will make a good window sticker for my car. so, anyone smart enought to know what those words are would probably not be inclined to heave a cinder block through my window. or at least, less likely.

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February 15, 2003
worst. vday. ever

so, we had dinner reservations for 8:30pm @ fabiani's which is normally an awesome place to eat. so we arrive @ 8:15p and seee a large crowd out front.. was there a fire inside? were there louts without reservations? did they stop serving? Goodness no, they overbooked. so, we checked in with the door lady, and went back to stand outside in the cold with the rest of the shmoe's. Wine was being offered to those who waited, but they only had one wine corker for the entire restaraunt, so getting wine into a glass was a big problem. 3 times i tried, 3 times i failed. so we're waiting, waiting, commiserating with our fellow shmoe's and swapping reservation times. the average wait seemed to be 1hr+ over whatever your reservation time was. we were seated around 9:30p, and had our food by 10:20p excellent service. oh wait, no. the lobster bisque was horribly salty and had a surprise. i'll get back to the surprise. Dinner eventually arrived. before it did arrive we had the pleasantness of being seated between one horribly boorish couple, and one couple hell bent on getting pregnant there in the restaraunt. the couple to my left, quite loud, refusing to chew AND swallow before loudly proclaiming all their wealth. it was the saddest type of proclamation as well. that of the person who acts like they have big money, but more than likely eats peanut butter on saltines for dinner. by the end of the evening i knew that her coat was $300, her diamond was $2500, they ordered 2 $40 plates, she was portugeuese, they were both in their 50's. they had a cat they both loved, they had been married for 1.5yrs, they had some trouble in the past but its fine now. let's see what else. oh, they wanted to go dancing, and what kind of dancing well, BUMP AND GRIND. the couple to the right of me, then said "I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT THAT" very loudly when the couple to the left mentioned the bump and grind thing.

The couple to the right of me had pulled their chairs into adjacent positions, instead of facing one another like the rest of us. the gentlemen who's chair was pulled adjacent kept rockign back and knocking our table. he also happened to be leaning up against the candle on our table, eventually i moved it. It took so long to get seated and get food that i wasnt going to let a burning pervert ruin it. the ladypart of the couple to the right of me seemed terribly embarrased by her gentlemen friend. that didnt stop them from swappin' the ol' spit during dinner though.

Dinner arrives. the host-lady mentioned above has been spending the last 10 or 20 minutes comparing diamonds with our lovely couple to the left. i had the petrole sole, steph had the lobster fettucini. LOBSTER BISQUE SURPRISE surprise! the lobster bisque and the lobster fettucini are the same food, only one has fettucini. i thought it was odd that there was fettucini in my bisque. i was only hoping they hadnt poured the remains of someone's fettucini into the bisque-pot. My sole was horrible. if you could imagine a sweet dessert cake, then put fish together with that, you might be near what this was like. only it was as if it was topped with bread pudding. not the consistency, the flavour. the greens were good, lightly steamed seasoned well. the fettucini that came with my sole, blah. their menu there said "petrole sole" and had no mention of pastry. on-line their menu for last night does indeed list it as sole in a puff-pastry. disgusting. steph was not too impressed with her meal either. in fact noone in the restaraunt seemed to be into the food.

While i had wanted to stay for espresso and tiramisu, i couldnt suffer the eternal wait that 2 simple cups of coffee and a slice of tiramisu would have wrought.

we got home at 11:20p~ abotu na hour later i got the severe urge to throw up, isnt that lovely? shitty meal, shitty atmosphere, shitty service i paid to enjoy it and now i get to pay to throw it up too! luckily i was able to calm my stomache enough to just goto sleep.

fabiani is a good place to eat. just go there on a tuesday in the middle of the month as early as possible and not anywhere near a holiday. I think this was possibly the worst valentine's day i've ever had. (so far)

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February 14, 2003

we goin' to fabiani's tonight, reservations for 8:30. stepha nd i agreed to not do anythign for each other, just a nice dinner. she wanted to go soemwhere that she could wear a dress.

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February 13, 2003

rushy rushy, still working on sonoma mission inn stuff. gonna try to get me a new workstation and a color laserjet.

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February 12, 2003
sonoma state

sonoma state!

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February 11, 2003

got computer fixed last night i think. no longer gets teh x55/sound loop bug. lousy via chipset. i vowed to never recommend or build another via system. its too bad cause amd cpus are some awesome shit. sis and nforce arent really challengers right now. still didnt make it up to rosa mylocal att cable office is nice.

incidentally i posted another drawing. i did it ont he back of a business card while waiting for someone to show up. steering wheels dont make good drawing tables. i havent been drawing lately. hence, no drawings in drawing section.

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February 10, 2003
worky work.

i need to get up to rosa, however no. bills to pay etc. i am determined to fix my computer tonight. come hell or high water

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February 09, 2003

woke up early, cleared all the dead brush/vegetation fixed up my fence in a few spots surveyed the land etc. cleaned up, steph and i went down to SF on a super secret mission, got that taken care of had lunch @ a good greek place (myconos) on polk. i was having issues with the city but not too bad. then we took off for the haight. on a sunday. bad idea. everyone else went to the haight for the sunday too. bad news. so we puttered around there for a while but then i had to not be there any more. came home stalled for awhile. we needed to go to the grocery store, but meh, ill do it tomorrow. i need to get my pants tailored too. and i have more change-of-address things to fill out.

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February 08, 2003
bday bash

wanted to work in the yard today, ended up putzing around too much so i didnt get to it. drove over to dixon for a surprise 60th bday. that was ok~ came home, satyed up far too late went to bed. tomorrow i will get in the yard. lots of cleanup and light maintenance to get to.

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February 07, 2003

lazy friday as usual, plus noone wass in the office. steph and i went to sushi, she picked up the tab :)) chris and janay came over and hung out for awhile. bed.

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February 06, 2003

exchanged 802.11b WAP/router for a 802.11g WAP/router. 54mbps baby, $20 more. brought my computer back home from work, one of my hdd's is fucked now do to the drive back :/ its on warranty though so ill RMA tomorrow. i need to get a bigger disk anyway so i might picku up another couple of 60gb's or a big 200gb wd se. though, with the wireless equipement i should really hold off on buying anythign remotely toy/hobby related for awhile. it didnt set me back much but i dont need to get in the habit of blowing all my money or ill get in trouble.

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February 05, 2003

yay! got wireless package, installed everything. fucked around for awhile then went to bestbuy to buy card for lappytoppy. router was there for $20 cheaper GRR. ill call newegg tomorry to see ifi can send this one back. with both my laptop batts in i get 5hrs+i charge batts at work then go home and dont have to plug in until the next morning. wireless sure is nice. got the sonoma mission in n thing done today. came out ok. i woulda liked to do more than a mock, make it photo realistic, but i had no source for the 2nd part so i had to create in illustrator.

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February 04, 2003

didnt get my wireless router and modem yet. soon. went to sonoma mission inn this morning, took photos as source for a mockup i have to do illustrating our before during and after effect of construction. wen twell. my laptop seems fucked though, brought my home ocmputer to work cause i have a big bad deadline.

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February 03, 2003
the last 6 days

havent updated in a nigh a week. wlel, let's see. went to a LAN party the other day in fremont had loads of fun. hmm, got my cable/internet hooked up etc so now i have access at home. got charged with the crusade that is making accounting play nice with estimating. bah. otherwise bleh same old same old. i relaly need to get back into drawing.i tried to get FM workign last night so id have droning talk radio in teh background (easiest way for me to draw is to be bored) im gonna try to stream NPR tonight.

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