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July 19, 2006

If I were scheduled to die tomorrow, my list of things to do today would include:

1. Be an established artist
2. Learn how to tattoo
3. Get my bridge or septum pierced.

I got my septum done last night. ern and piercer Neil were surprised that I had so few things on my if I died tomorrow list, but my counter to that is: when I die I will have these things accomplished.
My list is small but tangible.

I promised myself in junior college that I would get portional tattoos done to commemorate my degrees. Now that I've been graduated with that degree and my BA for a while, I've been thinking it's time to get on it. Originally I was working together iconography encompassing all of the different skills and hobbies I've picked up over the years. The problem with that is that it glorifies where I was and what I was doing. This is ok, but I've been thinking more and more of getting something to help me in the future, similar to the 'just draw' tattoo.

I've always been the type to see things in cloud, paint swirls and blank paper. Doodling is a large part of how I start a drawing... Making a mark; seeing what that mark looks like or how it relates to the surface then building and working from there. To that end, I've been mulling over covering an arm or two in doodles and sworls (similar to this upload today) possibly in black and red, or color.
It's still up in the air.

I'd like one to start dark lower on my arm then gradually render up to lighter tendrils, the other arm the reverse, start with a dark shoulder cap, work down to tendrils. With this I think I would be arming (bad pun) myself with tools to draw on (oo pun #2) in a pinch. I look down and see "oo that line looks like a hoof," "that little patch there looks like a cliff" etc.

I'll think on it some more and probably build it with both illustrator and traditional media.

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July 13, 2006

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July 11, 2006

An interesting article on artistic progression and age.

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July 07, 2006

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July 06, 2006

back. drew in the blackbook while we were out a few nights. vacation was amazing. ern's mom's house is a block or two away from the rogue river so we hung out there a bunch. picked up a souvenir while i was there. the cul-de-sac was populated by a bunch of ex-santarosanians and there was a teeming pile of kids for the fourth. took a bunch of long exposure shots. uploaded a few here. we had ourselves a time enjoying the road trip, taking scenic detours, being lazy. we dropped scott off @ his brothers house in crescent city, but before we got there we saw a bear and elk by the side of the road. that was pretty neat.

i didn't really know ern's mom before we went up there but she is a great person. we had more in common than not, which was surprising.

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