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September 21, 2008

4 things:
1. Calvin Ross Carl's work has gotten crazy good since I last looked
2. Ms. Kristen had one of my old drawings tattooed on her by Leviticus Tattoo
3. $OEM$\Textmode\ for txtsetup f6 additional scsi drivers when using nlite/slipstream xp.
4. Woo, the ad for Juxtapoz has been released! It's a start!

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September 02, 2008

This one can be viewed either direction. It will be mounted in a rotating frame. I have another 1/3rd done and I started a 3rd tonight, same idea...

Read this, substituting 'writing' for your mode of creativity.

Here's a little utility to help repackage zips or strip known zip passwords:
#loop through all zips in current working directory
for i in *.zip
#make unique/temp directory for each zipfile
mkdir "`basename \"$i\" .zip`"
#extract contents to prev. created dir (will prompt for passwd)
unzip "$i" -d "`basename \"$i\" .zip`"
#remove original zipfile
rm "$i"
#repackage zipfile from dir/orig. contents
zip -r "$i" "`basename \"$i\" .zip`"
#remove dir/temp
rm -rf "`basename \"$i\" .zip`"

Also: if your Volvo P2 series 2001-2007 sunroof just 'dies' you can reset it by turning the car off and locking/unlocking. This resets upper cabin electronics including maplights.

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