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August 01, 2014
Upgrading ZFS pool from 512/512e drives to AF 4K drives

If you're going to upgrade your existing ZFS pool drives from 512/512e sector size (ashift=9) to newer AF/4k drives (ashift=12) you'd be better off creating a new pool with ashift=12 and using zfs send recv to populate the new pool with your data.

If you are researching prior to creating any pool, force ashift=12 during pool creation, even if you're using 512/e drives by using zpool create -o ashift=12 yourtank /dev/drive1 /dev/drive2 ...etc This will 'future-proof' your ZFS pool.

You may receive a similar error in FreeNAS:
"nas [middleware.exceptions:38] [MiddlewareError: Disk replacement failed: "cannot replace (driveID) with gptid/(gptID): devices have different sector alignment, "

To check your current ashift value, use:
zdb -C | grep ashift

ashift: 9 = 2^9 = 512bytes (bad)
ashift: 12 = 2^12 = 4096bytes (good)

If you absolutely can't do that, these two sysctls allow you to use 4k drives as if they're 512/e. There is a significant performance hit if you do this.

Set these sysctls via ssh or using the Sysctl UI underneath 'System' in the FreeNAS web interface.

Then you should be able to offline/replace/resilver a 4k drive into your 512/e pool. Personally my throughput greatly increased despite ashift=9, but I moved my ZFS pool from 6x2TB 5400RPM to 6x2TB 7200RPM. Again, the right way to do this is to use ashift=12 with 4k drives.

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