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July 24, 2004


woke up @ 5:30 to drive ern to her carpool/dropoff point. her marathon training is in benecia today. after that i went back to sofie's and was awake so i made myself a curious omelette and a large pot of espresso. my omelette hopes ended in a sort of large flat scrambled egg with stuff inside of it. but that didnt stop the draw. drew all morning, cropped etc. i brought all my pens but none of my gesso so i have to work on it more when i get home. picked ern up around noon and we went to tj's for dinner mixin's and milk for the dogs. back up to sofies where we lazed about all day. i did the watering and chores and such while ern did the cookin'. came in and helped her out a little bit. then we ate. after dinner it was cleanup, laze, then time for the sauna. sauna'd our poor little pores to death then made our way back to the jacuzzi. then for bed.

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