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April 22, 2004


pics of cat which fell into hamper like a dorky dork. work> fixed a long term problem> ern's truck died, ducked out early to go fetch her but the truck started automagically. carried her back and forth over the parking lot because i had a GREAT FUCKING DAY. the bad news from last friday turns out to be only stage 1 bad news which is really good, stage 2+ bad news is bad. she went over to her aunt/uncle's house to see them off to hawaii for a week. i went home and read 3 hellboy books and relaxed outside. came in did some dishes and was about to pour some wine and read the paper when she called. went over to their house and talked for a bit, then we went down to jo jo sushi and got what i guess is our "usual" now. a crazy roll and a spider roll, one order nigori, two orders of seaweed salad. yum++ went home> talked out back for awhile; it was a great night for that. bed.

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