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April 23, 2004


a great morning for sure. got off to a great start, coffee with my monchichi, listened to G'N'R on the way to work. high spirits i tells ya. identified a problem the other day and was able to fix it so i dont feel all stressed all the time which is good. feeling back to my old self, which is also good.
drove down to the city to get ern a dress for shawn and sil's wedding. i got a pair of shoes ha ha ha tsubo "xeric's" i didnt even realize it till i got home. how xHXCorex, total. they are the sex. went to stores. didnt find anything, drove back home stopped @ horizon's in sausalito along the way but the kitchen was closed. got in-n-out. cut my lip on the burger bun. seriously. i fought the cow, and the cow won.

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