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August 31, 2003

spammed from ueberroth twice now. nearly beat ico today. drove around needlessly. shopped. bleh. went to vacaville. car is acting funny.

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August 30, 2003

did nothing the entire day, then went with steph to get stuff for her classroom. ate dinner, watched TTT again, beat wario4. near beating ico. got whpped into a drawing frenzy. 3 drawings going right now that need to be resolved. did my best to hammer ben raff into place, but there are far too many layers of crap to be able to draw anymore so i think this is it.

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August 29, 2003

drove to pacifica to set up a dsl drop. busted line prevented that. got a new work cellphone woo. after work went to 3rd street aleworks with steph n shawn n silvaniedrew.

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August 28, 2003

work compy broke down. spent the day fixing that. got friendly with knoppix during the downtime. dell hdd got here already, lappy goes back to dell today.

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August 27, 2003
shower pt 2

tonight's images. version 4 of ben raff, version 1 of rapt.

I now have a shower that rivals any shower I have previously used. Sofie's shower may be slightly more powerful, but I would have to blind-shower-test them to determine a true winner.

The plumber, Bob, replaced many parts and still he and the landlord were not satisfied with the pressure, nor the duration of sustained pressure. They ended up replacing a few more parts so now the water pressure throughout the house is fantastic. I let 3 bathtubs worth of water-heater detritus fill the bathtub until finally all the crap was out of the system. I took several pictures of the purpley iron-heavy water, and I will need to get some good scrubbing in this weekend to remove the stains to the porcelain.

As I was leaving my house, to return to work, I casually mentioned that the trees near my roofline and surrounding cables could use a trim. This too was taken care of by the time i returned six hours later. Hopefully this will stop the rodent expressway for a while.

Finally, a warning:
Dear Livejournal/deadjournal/blather/randomblogger/thief/user,
I understand that noone feels like you, that your teenage emtions are running amok in a way that only you can understand. I understand and enjoy your appreciation of my drawings, however we need to get something straight here.

You may not use my drawings for your woe-is-me blog/site without permission. Let me clarify. You _MAY_ use my drawings on your blog, but i specifically mention on every single page that you must ask permission. This is not optional I ask this of you solely to control intent and content. Obtaining permission is a simple process. Once you find an image you like, please contact me via EMAIL or IM and ask, 99 times out of 100 I will say yes. At this point, once you have permission please download the drawing to your own server where you will may it for whatever your profitless purposes require. If I find out you are using my images without my consent, there will be pain; embarrassing and uncomfortable unix pain. This is my shot fired over your bow. I do not mean to discourage anyone spreading the word about, or even using my images for your decoration. I ask that you not profit from me and i ask that you not steal from me. It's very simple and I promise to not be a dick if you ask permission first.

*UPDATE* The creative commons license/deed looks similar to what i am trying to impose. no derivative works, noncommercial, and must attribute me.

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August 26, 2003
water pressure

shower seems like it will be fixed when i get home. plumber was working on it and fixed the pressure problem when i went there to let him in. laptop shipped back from dell today only 1month after i shipped it in for service.

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August 25, 2003

called landlord. steph did too. she couldnt even make it work with duct tape! bleh day at work. mexican for lunch.

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August 24, 2003

shower is broke. new resovoir got put in the other day. fridge broke too. fixed fridge. will call landlord tomorrow about shower. went to a crappy art opening in forestville. lazy lousy hippies hippied up the entire gallery so you couldnt see the work. what i did see was middling to good. im going to go back to form a decent opinion though. lousy west county hippies.

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August 23, 2003

played video games all day. woowoo. that is my goal for the entire weekend.

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August 22, 2003

friday, moved images around. ah slept in late showed up to work 45mins late. first time ive done that iwth this job, havent done it for 5 or 6yrs. went to lunch anyway. had sushi with leah and steph. pshhhooo what else... nothing else..

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August 21, 2003

i thought today was good but then i remembered that it was mostly not. with the money landlord left me, steph and i were able to go to dinner and buy lots of groceries. i have 12 yogurts of various flavours, should anyone like to come over. also i worked on drawings again tonight. i havent decided if 48hr rule should be from first progress or from last worked state. that is: should it not be moved to drawings until 48hrs from now? or is it ready? i think the first rule of progress club; "when in doubt, it goes in progress" applies here.

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August 20, 2003
same virus.

tonight is drawing night. i have big plans for 3 diff drawings. if one of you out there works on the youth advisory board for soex could you drop me a line? i'd like to know who put >THIS< up so i can thank them. as of this morning the server has collected 254MB of sobig.f, 2378 copies. the 48 hr rule is in effect y'all. fucking shit day at work again, but people this time, not virus. landlord left some $$ for me in an envelope, thanking me for my patience and understanding re: maggots + plumbing. it was a very nice gesture and i will have to thank him tomorrow. went to shawn's for drawing night and silvaniemade a good dinner.

first and second drawing are ver 2, 3rd drawing is all new. comments comments comments, please.

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August 19, 2003
another virus

ugh. another virus. was hammering the server pretty hard. modified a little script and dropped it in for a server-wide procmail/attachment policy. from 1:45p till 5p i received over 1000 copies of the virus for 2 users. it was a rough day.

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August 18, 2003

slept fitfully last night. the last time i sat at the house sally and cocoa (2 of the dogs) were just fine. with the addition of another, younger dog sleep was nigh impossible. all night long they played musical dogmats. they just wouldnt lie down and stay down. very odd dreams last night, but i can finally sleep on my side as my ears seem to not hurt when i do so. sophie's shower is great. if my shower is the tepid stream from a half full watering can, poured by the wandering hand of a toddler; sophie's shower is a malicious blast from a firehouse, aimed by a frat boy of typical mindset. tomorrow i will don a white ball cap and polo and try to trick the shower into not blasting my vittles clean off my body.

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August 17, 2003
sophie's choice.

woke up rather early for having gotten in late last night. drove over to calistoga to watch sophie's house.played fetch with the feistiest of the 3 dogs and sipped suds. went in to calistoga for dinner. ate at the flat iron. meh.

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August 16, 2003

wedding in vacaville today. nothing too terrible fancy, no suit required so that was nice. pleasant outdoors wedding. we had a good time. i have pics that ill upload later.

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August 15, 2003

busted ass up to santa rosa to work with a client (50min drive). did that for 30-40mins and got paid. went back to my house (30min drive back) shawn called when i was on my way to return movies, so drove up to SR (20min drive) and went to the omniplex to see freddy vs. jason: battle royale 1983. maggots seem to have stopped their onslaught. there was new ones at lunch, so i taped more of the ceiling. i had dinner tonight, but hadnt eaten since lunch the day before. maggots in your kitchen are a wonderful appetite suppresion technique.

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August 14, 2003

worked till 6 patching/cleaning lusers through msblast. (various home systems) went home, saw a small pile of detritus on the floor. (no dead smell) sweeped up small pile of detritus, grabbed dustbroom + sweepy holder dealy. noticed little pile of detritus was wriggling.

... with maggots.

maggots were falling from my ceiling through the cracks in the wood paneling form the dead thing int he attic tha ti cant get to because the accessible attic doesnt connect to the 4inch high place above the kitchen. the kitchen, which was receiving this wonderful deluge of baby maggots.

i duct taped off ceiling and plastic dropped cloth off heater vent (to prevent maggot flies from coming into house) cleaned up. landlord was 0 help.

got a call to patch another user through msblast. spent 1.5hrs on that. whilst wandering around talking on phone (btw 1.5hrs was needed due to microsoft + symantec being inaccesible (whether power outtage or the worm hitting early)) noticed that the only food i really have was the nice plum tart steph made me.
so i wander over and look at it. i only had one slice the other day and it was awesome.

today it was noticeably more wriggly.
the saran wrap wasnt on completely well and it was sitting on the kitchen table below the slot where the maggots were falling. so my tart was maggoted. bleh. im going to go shower the real and imaginary maggots from my hair and try to scrounge some dinner before i pass out.

reminds me of that old gwar song. MAGGOTS ARE FALLING LIKE RAIN

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August 13, 2003
time for something new.

Ok, here's the deal. Lately (the last 8 or 9 months) ive been hastily posting crap drawings. I like the attention and comments and hits... i'm a stat-whore, whatever. The new rule will be the day i draw something i will not run to my scanner and upload to the drawings section. I will run to my scanner and upload to the PROGRESS section and let it chill there for 48+ hrs while I let the drawing gel. The last 3 drawings ive posted need more work, but I wanted to get them up. The idea is that now the quality will go up, and I will get less comments pointing out the obvious unfinished nature. I still want everyone's comments, even more so now. Only they will be in the progress section first, maybe help me out a little. The theory is that better stuff will get posted to the place where better stuff should be posted, and I may be able to get over my phobia/roadblock. When there is a new something in PROGRESS I will post a small thumbnail within the blog itself. the pictures on the left and right will remain what they have been.
To reiterate: Your comments are important to me, now they will be immediately useful as well.

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August 12, 2003

nightmarish at work. i had patched all of my systems for the RPC bug last week, but one remote field system didnt get patched so it got msblasted. then since i tail logs, watch nload and trafshow anything remotely suspicious had me jumpy for msblast. trafshow kept showing 100% utilisation, outbound eth0 (public)... boss had 4 new viruses and spyware. every time his laptop leaves the office, it comes back with viruses. NAV is running, and current, my firewall is good and locked down. so i finally got him fixed.

After work went home. something smelled funny as i was walking up my porch. steph opened the door. full on dead something smell. she said it was pretty strong then but hadnt been too bad all day and she couldnt figure out where it was from. we figured out the stench was coming from the heater, the dead thing is in the attic. i was exhausted from work and we were supposed to go up to ms. sofie's house so we just went up early. we had a fine time socializing with her and scott and andrew, they showed us around the place again so we could house sit it this weekend/next week. that should be fun, they have put in a sauna since the last time i sat the house. new dog too.


for anyone who didnt get a jump on patching here are the patch and removal tools. also here are some instructions that i figured out today, and other tips from other folks who have had to deal with it. PLEASE GET YOUR SYSTEMS FIXED BEFORE SATURDAY THE 16TH

then run
if you already have it your computer will be rebooting every 60 seconds. before it can reboot, set the clock back one year (or day or whatever) then run those 2 utils. you should be ok.

if it still cant remove c:\$WINDIR\system32\msblast.exe :

press "ctrl + alt + shift" and "end task" on msblast.exe
goto start>run>type in "cmd" hit enter.
type "attrib -h -s +a c:\yourwindirhere\system32\msblast.exe" hit enter.
type "del c:\yourwindirhere\system32\msblast.exe" hit enter
type "dir c:\yourwindowdirhere\system32\msblast.exe" hit enter.
what you are looking for is something like:
Directory of c:\windows\system32\
File Not Found

good luck.
here are three more links you may be interested in, depending on your frustration.

Knoppix, Debian based Live Linux CD

Debian, god's gift to admins

and finally

OSX, god's gift to those with money.

(btw, my birthday is next month, should anyone want to send me an old g4 that can run OSX)

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August 11, 2003

new entry up @ songfight

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August 10, 2003

company office party, socialized the required amount, played lots of bocce ball.

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August 09, 2003
art openin.g

went to d'andrade's and wiley's opening @ smova today. everyone kept talking to me and stuff. esp when they found out that i drew or whatnot. it was odd i didnt know i would be talking to anyone so i hadnt prepped myself. we buzzed out of there early. i got to draw on wiley's interactive chalkboard though. i drew a dog saying "tia" wiley's stuff was very heavy with political syrup. in fact aside from some afterthoughtish picasso/dada/high art jabs it was all political.

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August 08, 2003

went to work. normal. landlord is pouring a new concrete slab today to get my water fixed up. after work went to easy street and got both of my conches pierced. then went over to shawn & sil's and hung out with them. we went to dinner @ aleworks then went to sawyers.

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August 07, 2003

steph and i went for a nice walk and ended up at that new bookstore here in town. met the shopkeep there and bought some books.

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August 06, 2003

boss's husband went missing. they couldnt find his plane or him. then they found his plane and him. doing just fine. forgot to call anyone to let them know he landed ok. went to parents to help move stuff back in, got a lawnmower. went to drawing night and didnt draw went to a pub with silvanieand brook and janine and shawn.

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August 05, 2003

steph came over. i got toothpaste and a bad sandwich.

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August 04, 2003

i dont know what happened today either. i think i rode my bike to work and got a flat. after work i went on a really long walk.

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August 03, 2003

went to the fair today. it wasnt as bad as it has been in the past. we had lunch @ the director's club. the food was pretty good but i thought it was going to be somethign else. steph and i stood out like sore thumbs and garnered many a look from the older, whiter, richer luncheon patrons. whilst steph was in line gettin gme the biggest gin & tonic ever, she overheard the 2 guys ahead of her talking about a $20k bet on a horse race they had made. bleh. so we didnt eat nearly as much junk food (or hardly any) as we had expected to but all in all it was ok for nigh free.

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August 02, 2003

puttered around straightening house and other pleasantries. dinner with stephs folks and family. it was ok. one of her older cousins kept patting me on the butt and hugging me and stuff. sara's great uncle donny already got the jump on breaking me into male<>male family type interactions so i wasnt completely freaked. S i miss I and D :( ... we took them out to screamin' mimi's afterwards i get the feeling they werent too impressed. i had cassis as usual

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August 01, 2003
terd ferguson

work as usual. went and got mexican for lunch. steph didnt come over till late so i go impatient and went on a long bike ride, then to target. i found a drivers license and a key chain clip on my bike ride. when i got back from target she was pouty cause she thought she had been locked out. her key worked fine though, it just needed to be turned with MAXIMUM ATTITUDE. once i showed her how to use her key to the eXtreme it was fine.

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