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October 31, 2003
new virus

went to halloween party, it was pretty ok. there were people ther ei didnt know n all that. i was dressed so convincingly as a security guard that most people thought that i was one. ill get pics eventually. i kinda started to like the fu manchu that i had grown so i made sure to shave that off when i got home. after the first party i stopped and picked shawn up and we went to janeen's house for the next "party" weak = sauce. silvaniewas there, 2 other guys were there and one of their gf's. the guy and the gf were fighting and he ended up storming off in a 9th grade huff. the other guy was slightly dim and obnoxious but he left. so it was down to me, this sobbing 18yr old janeen, shawn and sil. ugh. we left and went by safeway. bougth a coupla pizzas and some gin + tonic. went back to shawn's place and i had a single g+t. otherwise i was dry all night. slept @ shawn's house cause i was v tired. went home.

minmail.C new high distribution virus of the day. and here's the p3 secret procmail recipe to match against body and bin them:

#minmail.C pattern/body matching
*when u're without

crit?: 1

October 30, 2003

called anon from payphone. secretary was receptive and passed me off to computer guy. computer guy listened halfassedly for several moments, then said "i think you've gone too far" and hung up on me. i called back not too much later and spoke with same secretary again who passed me onto the office mgr. office mgr was rightly concerned, took notes, and was receptive. she even asked if id like to do the work etc. i still didnt want to give my name up though, and ive got enough work without putting a fellow computer fixing brother out of work. i said id call back next week in case they have problems or whatnot. i was so nervous before i called though, that pre-passout wooziness. she was concerned not only because its a big deal, but because that office is the guinea pig for the HIPPA/wifi thing.

finished sewing patches onto my "costume" tonight. played a good deal of metroid.

crit?: 4

October 29, 2003

big day at work. did a lot of driving. started building a system, left work @ 6:30. delivered system. went to shawn's work to wait for him, stumbled, found a wap. a wap with no wep. a wap with no wep and no admin pass. full data access. this happens to be my eye dr's office, which has my soc# and a lot of other soc's. ugh so i need to call them anon tomorrow.

crit?: 0

October 28, 2003

worked. took photos. got a wide angle converter (.45) for my digicam. went home. shawn came over. we got sammiches. then we went to games store and got videogame stuff. i got metroid prime and hunter the reckoning for the cube. shawn bought hisself a cube. we played much games and drank beer and coffee.

crit?: 0

October 27, 2003
woo work

got a latte on the way to work, left shortly thereafter for a jobsite. walked around and took pics. worked on a closeout package cover. lunch. odd jobbed through the afternoon. shawn was goign to come over, so i went to the bus stop to pick him up, but he didnt show after a half hour or so. he called, wasnt coming over after all. went to ihop and got pancakes. then went to 7-11 and got a squishee. came home. saw an opossum coming out of under my house. lousy effing opossums have been making all kinds of noise under there. chased him off, then saw his brother, he wouldnt chase off too well. his other other brother chased just fine. patched up where they were getting in and out. the percentage of dead opossums will go up if they dont move on.

crit?: 3

October 26, 2003

went to a couple of gunshows with dad, came home, did laundry. bleh.

crit?: 2

October 25, 2003
1st weekend

first weekend. didnt want to rattle around my house so i got up and around early. went scrounging up stuff for halloween costume. ended up at parents house. they had invited me over for dinner, and sis was going to be there too, so i hung around till dinner. after dinner went over to shawn and silvanie's. we were to carve pumpkins, but we didnt.

crit?: 0

October 24, 2003

dear vagina,
today i had a big busy day. new company controller freaked out last night, wo we had a mini pow-wow. turns out he's as paranoid about things as i am. we hatched a plan. later, had my last lunch with HS, later, helped with a bid, later, set up a new jobsite with pppoe/vpn. after work went to shawn and silvanie's then we rode bikes to the rum diary show. lo and behold, HS showed up. shawnsilvanieand i drew. (see above)im thinking about buying an ibook or powerbook.

crit?: 9

October 23, 2003

<3 pda. i can check my email super quick, takes .5sec for pda to get connected via wifi from power on, another 1s to get email. went painting with pete -n- company @ the park, pic #1 and #2 i need to learn how to not suck as hard. they were helping me out with tips n caps though.

crit?: 0

October 22, 2003

something happened when i was little and now i cant spend any volume of money over say.. $50 without feeling extremely guilty. my parents used to rag on me a lot about it and it stuck.
ive had a really shitty week. really shitty. so i just bought an expensive piece of whizbangery. ive got all kinds of justifications and whatnot but the bottom line is wanted something nice and new and neat and whatever. i need new boots, but i have until next october to get them, so im putting that off. before winter i need new tires for my car too.

ive got a toshiba e755 with expansion pack on its way here. large screen + double speed cpu means i can do the drawings on pda larger, with more layers, faster. my old pda has been kludging lately. 400mhz pxa255 cpu, 128mb ram/rom, wifi built in, usb host support, cf and sdio slot, ability to output to standard vga, 3.8" diagonal screen (im real excited about that).
this is as close to a tablet pc as im going to get for awhile. a tablet pc would be the nicest thing with photoshop, but pocket artist is quite capable, and its what ive been using for all the images in drawing album
went to compusa to check out the pda i bought... cusa had a new model, even better... the hp 4155. im posting from it right now. yay for wifi

crit?: 3

October 21, 2003
house of the dead

went and saw house of the dead last night, with shawn and silvanie. it is the worst movie i have ever seen, and i've seen religious movies. far worse than the final fantasy movie and blade2 combined. just horrible. there were 2 other people in the theater, all 5 of us laughed through a good portion of it.

New games:
Max Payne 2
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Viewtiful Joe
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

New Demos:
Rachet and Clank 2
Midnight Club 2

The Deer Hunter's Guide
The Age of Innocence
The God of Small Things

im bored.
this is gearing up to be a fantastically shitty week. ive estimated out the rest of the week.
here is a friday to friday summary:
break up with girl of 2.5yrs
internet and server get fucked to shit, multiple times 3 days in a row (and counting). no ETA on defuckage.
friend and coworker leaves company.
expose senses to the crapheap that is "house of the dead".
working extracurricular side jobs throughout the week.

the rum diary is playing on friday @ aroma roasters, so i have that to look forward to. i really wish atgi would get their shit fixed.

crit?: 0

October 20, 2003
network hell

ugh. connection was unreliable all night. this morn died @ 9am. spent the next several hours in an island of paper waiting for atgi to get their shit together. they finally did. woo for tcp.

crit?: 1

October 19, 2003

server @ work broke around 11am, had to spend time all day off and on babysitting ISP + server till 6p or so, then went to parents for dinner while grandma is in town.

crit?: 0

October 18, 2003
shawn's bday

woke up with steph. last morning together. showered, ate. stallled. she left. i did yard work and computer fuckery. waited around till 7p. drove to shawn's house for dinner with shawn and silvanie. shawn's bday. did that. good nepalese food. silvaniecut my hair.

crit?: 0

October 17, 2003
forgone conclusion

steph and i broke up today. its really very weird to break up with someone that i still love, havent cheated on, and am still attracted to. it was quite amicable though. we both are going in different directions, and the distance makes it too hard. steph

crit?: 1

October 16, 2003

funeral for great uncle. then went and saw chris n janay.

crit?: 2

October 15, 2003

work>parents for dinner, dad taught me something>home.

crit?: 1

October 14, 2003

busy @ work still. wrote out a human program (/me/) for something that all the ladies spend a lot of time doing manually. now its a series of clicks then done. woo. rented the second matrixy movie. it was alright. the house looks good with its new colors of slightly gray with white trim. bought viewtiful joe the other day, its hard and its cool.

crit?: 2

October 13, 2003
house paint

had to leave house unlocked all day for house painters. first day back at work, left early. went to SR dinner with rents, drawing with shawn and silvanie. we got candya nd played video games too

crit?: 2

October 12, 2003

yesterday after i got home and finished putting things back in order, i went and saw kill bill with shawn and silvanie. it was good.today i ftuzed with things in the house. made a new cutting board form some leftover coran, did yard work, prepped stuff for house to get painted tomorrow. skipped out on official drawing night so i guilted myself into drawing.

crit?: 1

October 11, 2003

i have been on vacation, thank you for all of your concern. i suppose i should have mentioned that i was going on vacation. i will update with details and photos. we were deer hunting int he sierras near downeyville, zone d3. i went with my dad and aunt and uncle. had a nice time, didnt get anything but saw lots of sign and a few doe.

crit?: 4

October 01, 2003

went to work, felt crappy, got crappier, went home. slept. developed some weird migraine/vision thing. slept more, drank tea, ate. went to bed.

crit?: 1