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November 30, 2003

thanksgiving through now.
had a good thanksgiving. had limited bendwidth from 2 waps. talked to steph... saw little cousins. went to a wedding. lil' cousin's bday party. drove home. drew some.

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November 26, 2003

i will be out of town till sunday, i don't know if i'll have access to email or not. laptop won't be going with me, but if i can sniff some wifi i may have access via pda. happy thanksgiving all.

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November 25, 2003

tired now, i'll fill in the text tomorrow. images tonight. drove far for work, did a vpn/pppoe install. came back, hs was @ work (yay) she's jealous that she isnt the only girl in my life now. booted an employee, added a route to curb any maliciousness from him. figured out that betty's power adapter is at fault. MISSED YET ANOTHER CHANCE TO HANG OUT WITH EREN AND DRAW CORPSES. had drawing night with shawn and jehly.?

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November 24, 2003

they fired the bitch secretary on friday. talked to people. everyone had the same odd vibe off of her. we all thought she hated us individually for something we had done, when really she just hated everyone. after work went to shawn's for drawing night, julian was there too. after julian left (early) we went over to target and i got a wavebird for my gc, and shawn got the new mario kart game. played that.

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November 23, 2003
the 23rd

woke up late. puttered. ate lunch, drew on table more. was supposed to do somethign with alla, but something ... weird ... happened on the phone so we're going to do something when i get back from thanksgiving/up north. called eren re: drawing cadavers in the lab while she studied. all systems were go, except the lab being closed. i was relaly looking forward to that too. drew on table more, chris and 'nay came over. i *gasp* COOKED food, dinner no less.

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November 22, 2003
fake thanksgiving.

woke up relatively early, phone had been ringing @ 7:30. not sure what that was about, as noone has that number. i didnt answer it, i felt it was for the better. went to work, called my t1 provider (server was fine) they checked their end and logs. went over to diff suite to power cycle t1 integrator. oh, what's this? someone has unplugged our effing integrator? turned it back on. things were fine. made signs and taped them all over my equipment just in case new tenants wanted to unplug more of my stuff. lousy new tenants. went to aunt's for fake thanksgiving with dad's side of the family. had a good time. ate a pretty bit. afterwards went to shawn and sil's had a glass of wine with brooke and sil, shawn came home. hung out for another several hours then went home. piccy'd table, uploaded those.

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November 21, 2003

went to work. worked at work. took pictures for work. canceled jobsite trip for work. after work i was almost out of the work building when someone emergency needed more work. left work, went to SR to set up parents big tv. after that i called eren. picked her up at her house and we went up to equus. i was doing my darndest to not be a fidgety freak but i couldnt contain all of it. had a really good time with her, talking and such. dropped her off around 11 or 11:#0 and went home. server was offline. that spells trouble for my saturday.

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November 20, 2003

work -> lunch -> work -> home. went to bed @ 2a last night. v. tired today. fixed myself a bowl of hot gruel with honey then sat on the couch and listened to music. i've been drawing on my coffee table too, but i dont have any pictures of that. chris wanted to draw but i was a fair bit tired. i think i fell asleep @ 9. betty died again today, tomorrow i call apple. also tomorow, i set up parent's new giganto tv. then i call eren.

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November 19, 2003

work. drove. uh, did other stuff i'm fairly sure. after work, jon's for more work. betty broke, irq fixed. after that melissa came over for consolation. what she is going through is more or less what steph and i went through, from the other angle. no drawing today.

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November 18, 2003

work, lots of driving and jobsites.
spilled the weekend to paige, she spilled it back.
got into a rousing bout of email with hs crush. that was exciting. shawn and silvaniecame over for drawing and zombies. tried my hand at a logo for a forum within suicidegirls' site. this past month has included the oddest series of events for such a short span of time. i cant think of any other period of my life that could rival it. on the plus side, i've been drawing at about the same frequency as when i spent all of my hours in the studio. im also excited about this new, drawing, thing that i cant put words to.

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November 17, 2003
whoa nelly

im thinking about changing my css around. im thinking about a lot of things. im thinking about the girls that scared me the other night. i get spooked pretty easy. im thinking i might start drawing real people, the ones that spook me.
jehly came over around 10 or so and we drew till 1. i think it was very productive and beneficial for the both of us. the reason you see collaborative in drawing instead of cheeseissliced is because shawn didnt have a hand in these 2 drawings and CIS is about shawn and i so it didnt feel right putting them there.

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November 16, 2003

last night's date was v good.
today was shawn's opening @ soco museum. we got there real early in the morning to touch up all the walls and make sure everything was 5x5. left for a few hours while he and silvaniehad lunch with his mom. while they did that i got biz cards made on the cheap, on the quick. the show seemed like it was a great success, a lot of people were there, a mixed crowd. hmm, actually, A LOT of people were there. i slightly freaked out only a couple of times. a gaggle of girls were giving me the glad eye, but i went twitchy. 2 of them came up later and told me about this opening later that night down @ glass beetle for lauren bitchart. however the meme going around was that it was lauren BOO-CHAR of comedy central/home movies production fame. it wasn't. we were hanging around out front, as it wasn't necessarily our "scene". i went inside to give the pieces their fair due, then ern walked in. ern and i go back to hs; she was a girl i was always really very interested in and always in no position to act on it. we talked for awhile which was nice, exchanged our ... email addresses. the glad eye girls were there too, maintaining their glad-eyedeness, and now waving and smiling (moreso) i didn't act on that either.
in fact.
we left.
walked back through the heart of SR, stopping @ the round robin for a congratulatory shot of jaiger. shawn for the show, silvaniefor the bf's mom first meet, me for talking to high school uhm, crush? well it didnt seem as lame at the time...
continued walking and then stopped off @ 3rd street aleworks for a pint or two, met up with some friends and talked with nate a good deal more. i drew with nate in JC, it seemed like we had many classes together, but apparently it was just the one class. so nate draws comics, a little different path then what i took. kind of what im trying to get back into, but less in the superheroey way and more in the emotive sad-little art school girl way.

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November 14, 2003

i drew at lunch again. i like this habit thing. still monkeying with the several layer pseudo paper thing. date tonight, wish me luck

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November 13, 2003

work, drove to get a firewire cable so i could work on some video i shot, went to a jobsite, got lunch @ redwood, got flirted on hard core, rendered video (zippity quick) on pb, went to other jobsite, got to drive the big 4x4 giganto for pickup again. doodled at lunch and while waiting around on pb. came home for a few, then went to help shawn with his installation/show in SR. helped him edge out a few of his wall pieces as best i could. shot some shit, got in his way etc. went home, ate dinner! 2nd one this week.

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November 12, 2003
mmm spraycan

worked. pretty crappy day. i'm about 100% exhausted. luckily i was out of the office most of the day getting a company truck taken care of. after work i went to work for the ppl who i did dsl for yest'day. after that pete called and i went out to the park and painted with him and a couple of other guys. was driving home from that and chris called, so i went to ssu and hung out with him and nick and jesse for a few hours. jesse is the new guy. he seems pretty cool. i've been passing out fliers to shawn's show opening like crazy. but lets get a little info up here too. shawn is my friend etc, the other half of

Show = below:
Sonoma County Museum
First Annual Emerging Sonoma Talent Award (ESTA)
Shawn Eisenach
November 12 - January 4, 2004
Opening Event:
Saturday, November 15, 4-6pm

425 Seventh Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Tel (707) 579-1500

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November 11, 2003

Work: Server was still on when i got there. In order to combat month long weariness of crapitude, I got a triple espresso. Holy fucky mcgee did that put the twitch on. Worked, did a little scripting, a little updating, a little picture diddling. template changing, db editing, network/routing fiddlin', regular monitoring and the normal amount of internetty hootenanny. After work i drove up to SR to set up pppoe/new dsl for a couple that i built a computer for a couple of weeks ago. The install went exceedingly well (knock on wood). Went to Compusa after that and got some stuff, and played obsessively with a dual 2ghz g5 with 23" apple cinema display. Man alive was that sweet kit. Had to make an important phone call and all of my crazy retarded phone quirkiness came out. Quite embarrasing.

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November 10, 2003

woke up to the ring of the celly. server had popped at work. in an odd way. hustled around and got to work uh, 20mins earlier. extremely tired all day, stayed up too late last night w/ mel. worked etc. called apple re: 12" powerbook 867mhz > 533mhz PMU bug. they think im crazy. 5pm, i replaced the main ups for the server that had popped. the ups wasnt holding a charge, which is the source of these problems ive been having. yay intermittent problem fix. after work i went to parents for dinner and filled them in on the last several weeks. went to shawn's and we tinkered with his ibook and got panther on 'er. drew while that was going on. in the old style, where i just do whatever and dont worry about how it looks. shawn's show is coming up this saturday. afterwards we're going to go out to dinner. his mom is coming out (who he hasnt seen in several years) and his dad is coming up.

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November 09, 2003
work date.

woke up early, went to clients, fixed stuff. after that, cleaned up the house and did laundry and drew n stuff. had dinner with melissa then we talked till late. pleasant.

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November 08, 2003
day of rest

woke up early, went to work. moved stuff. came home, drew more on twenty-one. played with betty.

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November 07, 2003

Worked, new pb arrived early in the morning. i mean "betty" arrived.
<3 betty.
I put panther on betty nearly immediately.
<3 panther.
hs came for lunch so i took a long lunch and we went to dempsey's in petaluma. I ordered the seafood chowder, $16.95, thinking it would be good and worthwhile on a drizzly day. Definitely overpriced, small portioned and not terribly tastey. bleh, oh well. After work I met up with hs and her husband for beers @ 3rd street. that was amazingly boring, so we headed off for Tex Wasabis, which has a bar in the front part. I hadn't been there before because, well, it's a bar. Lot's of people were there, lots of girls with fake hair and braids weaved into their own hair. Guys with white hats. I got really kinda jumpy and fidgety. Hs's husband took off and coworker brent and his wife showed up. I was staying dry, to avoid that drinking liquids in public thing. Eventually i had a couple of gin & tonics. We stayed there for a good long while, hs spilled her deep dark secret to brent + wife, then we went off for the bel. The bel sucks, as it always does. That line thing in the front is the worst. Brent+wife's baby was acting up so i took them to their car and just went home. Cuddled up next to betty and fell asleep.

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November 06, 2003

i just watched koyaanisqatsi, now i need to see the other two.

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November 05, 2003

it has slowed down at work. still tired though. watched "straw dogs"

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November 04, 2003
12" pb

woo just bought a 12" apple powerbook work. slagged off of after-work work. went to shawn and sil's. silvaniecooked shephard's pie which was good. we got candy then played video games. woo. then a little bit of drawing. i got invited to do another one of those songfight cover things so i worked on that. (the prompt is twenty-one)

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November 03, 2003

worked till 9p
talked to steph today. its really totally horribbly over. i layed out how i felt and what i wanted and everything but she wanted to deal with her shit and continue alone. so we're really done now. this is so crushing.

here's a little recipe for minmail.e. its important to not get infected with either minmail as they are ddos zombies that attack popular anti-spam initiatives.

*Will meet tonight as we agreed

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November 02, 2003
well hiwdy there.

woke up hit the heater and the tea. chores, errands and nothingness all day. went and got sushi in RP. i got to be the creepy single guy in the corner, servin' up stink-eye for everyone. bleh. came home. saw another opossum. buried another opossum. a diff one had gotten run over earlier and i binned that one too. so, 3 opossums i saw, and now 3 dead. yay. here's first image with new pda. it keeps crashing n stuff but i think its software. and i think i fixed it because it didnt crash doing stuff that normally does once i swapped some versions around. i need to upgrade to the new version of pocket artist.

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November 01, 2003
sometimes i cry.

woke up @ shawn's @ 6:30 cold as hell in SR. went home, slept till 11:30. did a bunch of chores, fired up heater for the first time of the season. went to work to check out server. file server powered itself off for the 2nd time in 2days. very odd. drafted an estimate to replace it. did a byte for byte backup of the disks "just in case". while iw as waiting for a particularly large partition to backup i went and bought a new pair of jeans. im starting to wear out the 9th and 10th grade jeans. other chores, errands etc. watched jeepers creepers 2, rented spongebob disc 1 and koyaanisoatsi. otherwise, nothin.

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