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December 31, 2003

art is everywhere. that beats the pants off any old iron maiden tee, fakey looking porn mustache or even oversized cop sunglasses. a fucking post about a zit. i wish i had thought of it first :(

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December 30, 2003

work> picked ern up @ her work> got dinner> her place> shawn's place for drawing night> lotr:rotk + mk + hw:r> ern's place for sleep.

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December 29, 2003

work, ran tests for emergency accounting server stuff. left early to pick ern up @ the airport. storming to fuck, made the drive a bit sketch. oakland airport is sure a lot nicer than sfo for picking people up. got some soup for dinner, went home, ern's truck wouldnt start, drove her home, stopped by adam's new shop.

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December 28, 2003

li and i went to sushi and hung out and talked n junk. yay for old friends. shawn and silvaniecame over last till 2a or so. we played more lotr:rotk which rocks. woke up early, met with parents to take back center. bought xlc100. came home and did yardwork for several hours. and housework. and throwing of things away. thinking about rearranging living room. y'know. finally got sub tuned in like i like it now. was a bit iffy on it.

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December 27, 2003

got up early to work on computer. needed diff psu so had to wait around a couple of hours for shop to open. went shopping around for a new sub. really wanted this $850 jobbie that had 3x8" and made my ribcage do funny tricks, but too pricey. ended up getting an energy s8.2. going to take back the center my parents got me, and im going to get the energy xl-c100. meeting with li later for hanging out. mm for boom

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December 26, 2003
boxing day

invited to ern's aunt/uncle's boxing day, stopped by bevmo and got a bottle of port to bring, got some cigars too. went there did that, met the rest of her family that is relatively close. picked upa c omputer for fixing, returned all my wrongly sized gifts. new hoodie! woo! went by shawn's work and hatched plans for the evening. silvaniegave me my scarf. <3 it. we went to pho vietnam and got some food, then got some coffee @ aroma's, h9n aroma's. then we went by bestbuy and shawn picked upa couple of games. lotr:rotk for the cube is awesome co-op. went home around 1

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December 25, 2003
merry christmas

slept over @ the fam's house last night. a good christmas, sister was home too. met up with adam in the evening and saw his new shop, then home. hooked up new center channel, it sure crisps up the sound.

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December 24, 2003
bye santa rosa grandma...

Muriel Bostrom 06/08/1910 - 12/24/2003

Muriel Elise Bostrom
Born June 8, 1910. Descendant of California pioneers. Passed away in Santa Rosa, December 24, 2003 from complications due to pneumonia. Muriel was preceded in passing by her parents Charles and Selma Thomas, brothers Roy and Charles Thomas, sister Barbara Thomas, grandson Scott Stepienski, and numerous aunts and uncles. Survived by son Edward Stepienski, his wife, Renate and children Mike, Denise and Donald. Also survived by daughter Toni Stevens, son Brian, his wife Louise and children Eric and Lindsay. Muriel is also survived by several great grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. A resident of Petaluma and Santa Rosa for 56 years, Muriel loved her family, her German Shepherds, traveling, and reading. No funeral services are planned. Memorial donations may be made to a favorite charity.

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December 23, 2003
flowers! and im still a dude who isnt in vegas!

work, did a bunch of boring crap to avoid doing even more boringer crap. went to lunch, hs bought as i had fixed their compy. got back and a guy was delivering flowers. this always draws out the ladies. hs and i walked back in at the same time and they're pointing at us so i point @ hs. but no. the big bouquet of flowers in a vase was for me. noone has ever given me flowers before. also, i blushed like mad. esp since then the ladies got to wondering what i had done to get flowers etc. oh, and then they started offering advice as to what i could do to stay in good graces. embarassingamundo, but sweet :)

shawn and sil, here is ern's retort ;)
(From the movie "say anything"):
Diane Cort (Ione Skye): Nobody thinks this will work.
Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack): You've just described every great success story.

take that!
left work @ 4, came home, li was there! woo li! couldnt talk though as we had to get out the freakin' door that very freakin' moment.
drove ern to oakland airport. she was freakin' out cause she thought she was going to miss her freakin' flight. we got there with a couple of minutes to spare. i left once she got past the gate, but had to come back to get a little teensy tiny pair of girl-scissors. (freakin')

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December 22, 2003
spam attack

lots of spam lately. lots of similar spam, ip independent. this little snippet of procmail should curb the annoying ones that look like: HRTY, some text snippet
thanks for the tip liiwi. this should go before everything else so that spamassasin or others dont waste cycles on obvious spam.

* ^X-Mailer: *mPOP

took off work early, feel less guilty. took care of pressing business, drove home, changed, wrapped shawn and sil's xmas present. went back to sr, hunged out with ern a bit, got some food. she goes to oregon tomorrow. went to shawn n sil's we exchanged gifts, i got my very own gba player (allows gb/a games to be played on tv through cube) woowoo. we played games and silvaniecut my hair. woo sil. she also has started my scarf, which she says should only take a week, but it has taken months to get it to this point so we shall see. came home early. going to work early tomorry, taking ern to airport in the evening.

Harry Burns (Billy Crystal): You take someone to the airport, its clearly the beginning of the relationship. Thats why I have never taken anyone to the airport at the beginning of a relationship.
Sally Albright (Meg Ryan): Why?
Harry Burns: Because eventually things move on and you dont take someone to the airportand I never wanted anyone to say to me, How come you never take me to the airport anymore?
Sally Albright: It's amazing. You look like a normal person but actually you are the angel of death.

it's amazing how many times this movie has been dropped into convo in the last little bit of time.

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December 21, 2003
more shopping! yay!

woke > flying goat > mall > jeans + last of xmas shopping.
went back to ern's place and she wrapped whilst i fixx0red on her compy. got invited to dinner with her aunt/uncle. did that. before that we went over and she met the parents. that went well.
dinner > brit wit show > plans > home > wrapping|laundry > exhaustion > bed.

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December 20, 2003
the city. or, how i lost my shit.

woke up v early. got around, got coffee + bagels, went to the city. did a bunch of shopping and whatnot, got food. i bought jeans. saw japan town, the haight, the uhm downtownish area. started to lose my shit about 7hrs into it. we left, stopped for dinner in sausalito @ the horizons. v. good. went back up to rosa and met ern's dad. home.

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December 19, 2003

work. stuff happened im sure, accounting related without doubt. picked ern up and we went to dinner @ the brasserie in the vineyard creek. a really very good meal. did some errands/shopping, home.

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December 18, 2003

went and saw rotk last night, 8p showing. went with ern. movie was good, havent had a lot of time to reflect on it yet. anything with the army of dead or the oliphaunts really turned my crank though. went to the bel afterwards. no line, no retarded belness. oh, except the loud and invasive drunk guy. im not sure what his deal was but he needed to go away. v tired today. got home around 4a.
work, busy busy. still futzing with accounting, doing other projects too. left @ noon, taking a half day to help dad visit gramma. went home and changed. thought about scooting up to SR to catch lunch with ern. guess who calls? ern. so i scoot up, and instead of going to lunch we go over to easy street and get my lobe<>conch orbitals completed. i put an order in for a 5/8" 8ga. ring for one ear, as the loops i had arent quite big enough for one looks good though, much cleaner than the conch + lobe as seperate pieces. she had to get back to work so we went to jo-jo sushi and ordered. i stopped in a talked with sick shawn for a minute. he looks like hell. shawn, you look like hell. went back to jo-jo, grabbed ern's togo and took it to her work (she works acrossed the street) then came back and ate all of my lunch. by that time i had to jet over and meet dad @ gramma's home.
i would have walked right by her, completely a different person. :( she's on the downward slope now they say. in fact, they warned us that she may go right there. it was really hard on dad. i pressed it down. man.
went out to bosses house to setup wifi cloud in his big old thick house. complete failure. the wap/router couldnt even produce useable signal on any channel for very far, certainly not through 3 stories. got done with that relatively early. went by parents house to talk and wait for ern to get done cooking dinner for her aunt/uncle. met up with her. as i was walking to meet her, saw shawn and sil. we all talked for a moment, then ern and i rented a movie and went back to my place. i watched my first movie on betty, woohoo!

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December 17, 2003

yesterday i began large accounting upgrade @ 4:45, did that till 6ish. went home exhausted. ern came over. she was exhausted too. we talked for a bit but didnt stay up too late. return of the king today, you see. today i was a 1/2hr late for work or so. whoopsies. returned to accounting upgrade. large headache. i got fucked. i got fucked to the tune of $1k. i sucked it up and fessed up to boss-man. we got it sorted out and he wasnt bent. also hashed out plan for tommorrow. last night my mom called to tell me that my gramma got pneumonia. tomorrow im going to take a few hours and go with dad to see her at her nursing home.

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December 16, 2003
bowl of oranges

i went to lunch just now and there was a girl sobbing on a bench near my bank's entrance. i did my bankly duty and came out and she was still there, just shuddering and crying.
i went over to see if she was ok, and she explained that she was having chest pains and needed to get to a hospital. i offered to drive her (its just down the street) but she said her mom was coming to get her. she said that her mom had a heart attack when she was around the same age so she was frightened that she was about to experience some kind of heart attack or similar problem.
the poor girl was just a wreck. i got some kleenex from my car and she got cleaned up a bit.
we talked while we waited for her mom and she calmed down a bit. she'd been working her job at safeway for a month and it was really stressful, today particularly. people walked by and some of them had looks of concern on their faces. it was slightly cold.
her mom eventually showed up and they left.

thank you, everyone who helped me out with my situation a few months back. i really appreciate it, even if i didnt thank you any time between then and now.

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December 15, 2003

work. one cup of coffee, three cubes of sugar. same as every morning. spun to fuck for most of the day. i ate lunch, that didnt help. jobsite, hand holding. after work: ern called :) went up to SR hung out with her for a lil' while then we went to her friend's house. her friends are nice people. got home v late. tomorry might hurt.

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December 14, 2003
just draw

took a look in that envelope last night, the restaurant scrip was $100 not $75 :)) did laundry, woke up too late to justify paper + coffee. ern called. met her up in SR. she studied whilst i drew. came home, drew, polished off the last of the wine we opened the other night. tinkered with site a bit.

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December 13, 2003

we woke lateish. finally got some sleep. hadnt got much more than 4.5hrs on any night this week. something died in my bathroom yesterday. i mean literally. it's up top one of the towel closets. been burning a stink-candle to combat it. touched the comm for the last time, then went up to deliver it + work on a compy. they were into it and accepted it. they donated $250 for the commission to a leukemia charity then matched that with another $250. on top of that they gave me $75 in scrip to a nice restaurant downtown. stopped by ern's anatomy lab on the way back through. going to pick her up @ 6 for sushi in sonoma. then we go to a party tonight.
went to sushi out in sonoma. about the time we pulled into the parking lot i didnt feel so hot. got even worse as we were sitting there. ordered food. didnt really eat food. took food to go. got some pepto and ginger ale. ern sure was a peach. on the way back from sushi she called the party people. it was actually the night before, so we went and rented a movie (sex and lucia) which was a really sweet. took her home around 1:30 or so. storming really badly, hydroplaned several times. was v. hungry when i got home so i ate a box of sushi. udon is for tomorry.

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December 12, 2003

work. internet was ok today. got harrassed by coworkers. had lunch with hs. she's in a rough bit right now. home. ern came over to read and drink tea. worked on commission a smidge more. due tomorrowish.

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December 11, 2003

internet crappage all day. nothing would resolve for several minutes, then everythign would work fine. dealt with that for awhile. helped out with a bid. had leftover indian for lunch (bad idea)... after work scrambled to help melissa with her piece which she crits tomorrow. then dashed to SR to see an orchestral performance with ern. which. was. awesome. her aunt is a celloist with this community orchestra and it was good. after that we went back to my place and hung out. busted out a couple of more proofs for that commission thing. tomorrow is planned reading.

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December 10, 2003

work. ern came over, we had indian food and she studied whilst i distractedly worked on commission. a pleasant night...

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December 09, 2003

been workign like a dog on this commission. i''ve put so many hours into it and it's hard to tell.

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December 08, 2003

uploaded a string of work/taskpad doodles, nothing terribly fancy but i hadnt put any up in awhile. been busy lately so i havent had time to doodle while waiting for things or on the phone.

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December 07, 2003

woke up late. still tired. lived like a shut in. wanted to call ern but feared bugging her while she was studying for finals. worked on commission for many hours. talked to sil, had a slight ... breakdown. worked some more. ern called, possibly doing something with her on thurs. :))

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December 06, 2003

gunshow early in the AM with pa. saw some materials for knifemaking that i thought about picking up. figured it'd be another project on an already overloaded docket. there has been chatter over dm merch lately, so i need to get that ball a rollin'. my idea is to pick up a bunch of tshirts and stuff from goodwill, stencil or $ilkscreen dm type images on then sell them off for $5 + shipping (or in the case of costlier items, goodwill + a couple bucks + shipping) got home from gshow, was putttering about doing chores and whatnot. ern called, had shopping on her docket. i too, went shopping. though i didnt know what to get for anyone, as i hadnt thought about xmas yet. we spent most of the day running around to various stores, then decided to extend that to dinner + video gaming. so we did. old chicago + zelda + ern mmm :) it got really late, fairly quickly. she left after one. i'm getting old. can't seem to stay awake that late anymore, but i tried my hardest.

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December 05, 2003

work, hs was back, full time. she officially starts back full time on the 12th. worked, noone was in really so it was quiet. after work got the suit on and went up to SR for date/dinner with ern. dinner went great, we went and saw "the last samurai" afterwards. got home about 1:30a.

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December 04, 2003

got my xmas bonus today = to slightly less than a month's pay. :)))

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December 03, 2003

work, groceries (first time since august) spent a lot on that. laundry. boring night at home. rented several movies, darkness falls and powaaqatsi. darkness falls is not worth the $2.50 rent. i'm sure i have a mark on my rental record that says "rented darkness falls, please point and snicker at customer when he isn't looking."
i have food in my house, just fyi. if anyone wants to come over and then find themselves slightly peckish, i have food.
friend in coexisting group from the old days o.d.'d on rx + alcohol. :/

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December 02, 2003
today i...

went to work and worked at work, came home from work and changed. met chris and janay and kendra and adam @ chili's for janay's 21st bday (wee baby) then after that we went to the yacht club to start drinks. ryan and josh and brooke and jenna and jeff and sam and scott and neil and derek and liz showed up and we proceeded to buy drink after drink for janay. went from the yacth club to the tradewinds, but the band there was far too loud. went across the street to spancky's but they were closed. went down teh street to the eight ball and hung out and talked and drank. it was a good time. i left around 11:30~ and went home. was tinkering with email and what not when derek called (12:07) to say that a girl that we both had a crush on in high school, had just shown up. i said somethign to the affect of "swell derek, say hi for me" i went back to the email. (12:17) and girl calls, coerces me back to the bar. i suit up, put glasses on and scoot over. i live 3 mins away so it wasnt a long haul. it was nice seeing her and everything, but she had a guy with her. very curious. he got pretty pissed at her, as i would have been. so i stayed for a bit and talked with original group and her and whatnot for another hour or so. what makes it strange though is that derek and i had been talking about this girl previously in the evening, and she just showed up without prompting. i hadnt seen her in 2 years i imagine. strange.

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December 01, 2003
the first.

went drawing corpses with eren yest'day. but. i left earlier than i thought i would. thought i was bothering her and whatnot. truth be told, i was more into hanging out with eren than i was drawing corpses. took pics so i could reference them later. just couldnt get my good draw on. we're going to hang out later this week though. after that i went to shawn's. then home. today, was first day back. picked up equip from old employer. he got me this job, and now im packing his shit up to give him the final razz out the door. i felt pretty bad about it. but actions have consequences

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